Samsung ATIV S also delayed for Canada, where is the first Windows Phone 8 device?

The Samsung ATIV S was the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone to be announced, and was unveiled earlier this year at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany. Unfortunately it seems the device is set to be the last Windows Phone to arrive, even after the Nokia Lumia 820 and HTC 8S. So what's going on with Samsung's latest Windows Phone?

We've already learnt that retailers in the UK will be expecting delivery of the device mid-December, but now MobileSyrup reports that Canada will also be looking at a December release. This is a real bummer for those who are eagerly awaiting the Windows Phone. Sporting impressive specifications and a sleek form factor, it's a powerful choice for any consumer.

There's still hope that the ATIV S will be available for the festive holidays that are quickly approaching. Some news websites have been looking at an early 2013 launch, but Samsung Canada has responded to enquiries about the status of the ATIV S shipment to the market, confirming a December launch.

"We are committed to launch the ATIV S nationally, on Rogers, Bell and TELUS, as well as Sasktel. We are planning to ship to carriers in early December, and should have supply at stores by mid month."

It's reassuring the company is working hard to get the Windows Phone to consumers in a timely fashion, but to jump the gun and announce the handset so far in advance only to have competition launching hardware first is leaving those who are indeed waiting for the ATIV S with some serious questions as to what's holding the production / marketing up.

ATIV S Rogers

Rogers has already unveiled its pricing for the ATIV S, starting at just $149.99 on a 3-year plan, while also being listed at $599.99 month-to-month. The question is - where is the Samsung device? We could be looking at a production delay or software issues. We can only expect Samsung will attempt to make up for lost time once the handset has been released to supported markets.

Source: MobileSyrup; thanks, Dave, for the heads up!

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  • Samsung's heart just is not into it.
  • I call BS....... Samsung is selling so many Galaxy III's they don't have the factory capacity to make large quantities that are required to meet orders.
    This is the W8 phone I'm getting. I can't blame Samsung. I wouldn't shut down a big money maker to make W8. W8 is still new and not selling as good as Android yet. Just believe when Samsung does come the competition better watch out.
  • This is the phone I'm waiting for too.
  • @ Tbonenga.. I never thought of it like that.. You raise a good point!
  • Dude, of all the postings here, I would have to agree with you.. Same Club had the for $0.96 Friday. They sold!! Waiting on UPS to drop my 8X. Music is my thing.
  • Once again; seems that Tbonenga is one of the few out here with a clue.
    Galaxy S III volume is huge.  Sammy is clearly struggling with production.  Why put a phone out today that will reboot because of the WP8 OS 1,000 times before the fix comes "sometime" in December?  Why put a phone out today where the only real competition is the Nokia 920?  Save it Sammy.
    Sammy is not going to miss any $$$ from Santa.  Santa's sack is full of Galaxy and Note devices for BOTH good and bad boys and girls.  Save it Sammy.
    In Q1, when WP8 stops random reboots, when a Microsoft-free CES comes to Vegas, and when other WP8 competitors are announced...  That is when Sammy will finally show up to the WP8 party.
    Until then, hold on to those old WP devices and enjoy WP 7.8.  Oh.  Um.  Sorry.  :(
  • The Lumia 920 might be out but you can't get it (yellow) either. What a mess!
  • I went to a mall and got myself a yellow 920 at Microsoft Holiday Store. The difference is that Lumia 920 is on sale in all colors (some colors are limited) while Ativ S in not even close to hitting stores.
  • There are 4 yellow 920s in stock at my local Nokia store in Warsaw, Poland - I could drive over there and get one in thirty minutes if I wanted to :P
    Various other retailers have it too.
  • But not in Canada, only black is listed and only on Rogers. s*cks.
  • Samsung is probably in the basement removing things so they don't get sued the owner of air, land and water.
  • I know one place it isn't...T-Mo. Really wanting to upgrade to the Ativ from my hd7. Announce it already!
  • +1 The only good thing that eases the wait is the missing games and apps in W8. Hopefully by the time it releases most will be updated.
  • They don't want any phone to steal the thunder of their precious GS3. It's too similar.
  • Whick is precisely why they released the Note 2 a few months following the S3.
  • The Note II doesn't really directly compete with the GS III. Sure, they may both run Android, but a very small portion of people actually want a "phone" as big as the Note II copmared to the people who want a GS III. It's a niche device.
  • The note 2 sold 3 million in a month. The 900 hundred sold 600,000 in the US since launch. Their is a lot of people the want a big screen.
  • US vs global. Even with an easy argument, you had to lie.
  • LOL! Personally I believe Samsung does not want anything, even the Ativ S, to upset the SG3 Android juggernaut this holiday season! They know they're no. 1 in Android and through it the no.1 phonemaker in the world. They realize that in WP8, Nokia is the top-dog so they are reluctant to release the Ativ S and contribute to the hype of WP8 where they will probably play 2nd fiddle to Nokia, maybe even 3rd fiddle to Nokia and HTC!
  • Compared to the offerings from Nokia and HTC, the Ativ S looks boring.  Clearly Samsung is not even trying with WP anymore.
  • nope they are not.  During the Windows Phone 8 announcement, Samsung reps were saying that they were not sure when they would release it. Also, they said that a tablet running RT is probably not going to happen because they don't want to use another parties processor (Qualcomm,Nvidia).  They told me they make their own processor so they don't see a reason why they should pay another company for a processor when they can make one themselves.
  • They have the Ativ Tab, a RT tablet, with a Snapdragon prossesor. Both the Ativ S and the Ativ Tab got reviewed by the Norwegian phone site, and the reviews was very positive.
  • BORING???? You do know this phones sister sold 30 million. Some people love the teenager looking phones some don't. I personally like the professional clean look of the ATIV S.
  • I don't see what SGS 3 has anything to do with Ativ S. It merely sold so much thanks to being "the best" android phone, not thanks to design or anything. (Sure it has a large screen but that's about it. Don't see what's so professional in a cheap plastic :P)
  • You know, there ARE better pictures of the ATIV S out there. I mean, I'm not crazy about its design but at least post a decent stock pick that shows something close to the WP8 start screen.
  • I had to scroll back up to see this. Yep that is possibly the ugliest possible configuration of a WP8 home screen possible.
  • What do you mean? That's almost exactly how my start screen looks.
    But I have a good excuse - I'm still on WP7.
  • Werd
  • Samsung better be putting a lot of love and exclusives into this delay or else this is becoming the saddest story of Windows Phone. If they just put forth the effort maybe it'll be worth the wait. Otherwise, we can skip Samsung Ativ S news all together.
  • Another step closer to vaporware. 
    Samsung, i like their phones, but they just dont care about windows phone 8, in reality, they dont really have to. 
  • This is the reason MS is making the surface phone, to replace Samsung! Also to show that if Samsung really wanted to, the Ativ S could already be released. If MS has a surface phone done by Mar-April of 2013, what does it say about Samsung???
  • Exactly where Samsung wants it to be....No where to be found. Maybe MS should just drop them like LG and be done with them
  • LG was forced to drop Windows Phone by Google... support Android exclusively or face the consequences ??? what ever that means... MS should have announced the surface phone at the launch of WP8... Another Windows Phone fail. They continue to disappoint me with missed opportunities and removed features... my patience I'd wearing thin :'(
  • Sorry for the rant
  • Oh jebus. If your patience is wearing thin, just leave. A Surface phone not being released in October is not a "windows phone fail". It just didn't meet your personal expectations.
  • I wanted a Samsung, but was forced to get a Lumia as that was all they had available. Lumia 900 would no longer charge. I am very happy with the 920, but was planning a whole carrier switch but samsung's delay changed that.
  • Just fine with me. I liked my focus but I love my 920. :)
  • The ATIV line is supposed to work flawlessly from tab to PC to PHONE and ms just isn't quite their yet, so instead of releasing it and having to alter their adverts, they are postponing until MS can fix all the compatibility issues, most likely Apollo plus
  • Crazy by the time this phone hits everywhere it'll be time for the second round of WP8 devices. Samsung needs to just bounce and just leave it to HTC, Nokia & Microsoft so make the hardware. It's quite funny though how we lost (Acer, Dell, LG).
  • I thought this was suppose to look like a SG3 I still dont see it its ugly the SG3 looks better make a better looking phone or dont make a WP please Samsung but im sure it's fine spec wise from what I've read
  • Off topic, but I just saw the Asus win 8 laptop on Arrow
  • Or maybe they did it in Nokia and HTC will get all the attentions
  • “We are committed to launch the ATIV S nationally, on Rogers, Bell and TELUS, as well as Sasktel. We are planning to ship to carriers in early December, and should have supply at stores by mid month.”
    So there 2-3 weeks late that suck! :(
    This is my WP8 :)
  • The Ativ S will only get released when it does not pose any threat to the SG3 Android juggernaut, at least this holiday season. It will probably get released mid December 2012 or early 2013, or when the hype for the Android SG4 gets louder so it gets drowned out by the noise. Releasing the Ativ S earlier will only add hype to WP8, which will also add hype to Nokia which is WP8 top-dog.
  • That is a ridiculous argument Tips_y, do you seriously think Samsung releasing a Windows Phone is going to disrupt sales of the GS3 when they're even out selling the iPhone.
  • I agree. I think the reason for late release is either A) Problems with the 'production' version of the device. HW problems/bugs they had to fix before they could go forward with the production. B) Lack of production capability. They will rather produce S3 and Note2, because of higher margin, quaranteed sales, ramping up/setting up production would mean delay time in production.
  • Pretty sure in Canada this phone won't sale alot anyways. Telus is supposed to get it but they should have chosen the Lumia 920 instead. Fcuk Samsung
  • I can't wait for upgradeable space. I can't fit everything on 16 GB. Music, podcast, videos.
  • You know, I considered that too. But, I don't need ALL my pics, ALL my music, or the like on my phone. I find myself continuously changing my music folder, as mood and my collection changes. I only leave pics on the phone I show to people. If I DO need something, Skydrive!! I love it!! I drooled on this piece too but, I have music going from my phone, either from memory or stream (I love Soundcloud & Radiohub!!!) 8-10 hours/day. I'm waiting on my 16gb 8X, which is the right one for me. If I was a photo, I'd maybe go the Nokia route. But remember, 8S, 810, 820 & 822 all support SD up to 64gb. (I write this from my 8gb HTC Radar. Previous piece was a Samsung Omnia w/ WM6.5. Love the OS!!!) Just sayin!!
  • *photog should read
  • This is going to cater to corporations. Maybe it's just not ready especially without VPN, WiFI EAP-TLS so maybe Samsung is waiting for the Windows team to incorporate those features so Samsung can really cater the ATIV line to corporations thats my guess.
  • Fail execution. No wonder why Microsoft have plan b option
  • Well, at least mid december is before I can even get my grubby little hands on a Lumia 920 here in Belgium. That one will only be available January 10!!
  • I think probably samsung is waiting for that OTA and some bub fixes
  • I think probably samsung is waiting for that OTA and some bug fixes
  • WP for Samsung is given about as much prioroity as their decision as to what colour napkins they will supply in their lunch rooms.
  • Exactly. Even when they were first with the best selling Focus they never advertised or any kind of promotion. Same with the Focus S and the Focus 2. They could easily bring developers on board with exclusives like Nokia is doing just because of their size but they dont give WP* a second thought. Funny thing is they are the ones that could benefit most from having the phone,tablet and computers and pushing the total ecosytem.
  • Sammy's busy Androiding....
  • I'm on the verge of getting the 8x if Samsung don't hurry and release this phone...
  • So why no US carriers?