Samsung Code available on Metro PCS with Windows Mobile 6.1

Not much to say here except that the Samsung Code is now available on Metro PCS for $299.99 with the usual caveats. For that much jing, you get a middle-of-the-road front-facing QWERTY with Windows Mobile 6.1, a 2MP camera and the usual trimmings that will get you through the day but not do much to impress your friends.

Via Slashgear

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  • I am pretty excited for this phone, minus the lack of video streaming, because Metro PCS is coming strong and they need something like this. Besides the fact that its not on a contract and everything is unlimited, this phone should be quite alright.
  • You can stream video... just go to the youtube website... click on the link to download the software, save it to your memory card and then use the YOUTUBE app to stream video... works like a charm... only took me afew minutes to do!
  • The phone is ok, i had the g1 from t mobile, and i dont really miss it, with this new phone
  • Yes i am now usinq the samsunq code && i lovee it. onlyy if metro had internet that was up to speed like other carrriers