Although it should come of little surprise to those who have tried all the WP7 devices out there, the Samsung Focus (see review) has caught the attention of Wired Magazine's Gadget Lab, coming in at #4 on their "Most Significant Gadgets of 2010", beating the popular HTC EVO.

Considering how new the device is to market when compared to others, it's a nice tip of the hat to what truly is an amazing phone. Wired notes the following about the Focus:

Based on a fresh tile-based interface, Windows Phone 7 is an impressive start. It shines brightly on the lightweight Samsung Focus smartphone, which has a beautiful AMOLED screen and a solid overall construction.

Microsoft is pinning its mobile hopes on Windows Phone 7. If the Focus is any indication, it's got a good shot at getting back in the game.

We agree. Our hopes for 2011? Samsung brings some of their magic to Verizon and Sprint. Related: Microsoft's Kinect made the #3 spot and #1 belongs to...eck.

Source: Wired's Gadget Lab