Samsung Focus pops up on TV's Psych [Video]

Well, we asked and you answered. After documenting the HTC HD7S on NCIS: LA, you folks let us know in droves that last night on Psych, the Samsung Focus made an appearance.

Sure enough, we got the clip for you and it's actually pretty hilarious. It's still not as cool as the Hawaii FIVE-0 spot, but good to see the ol' Focus getting some screen time. Check out our collection of TV product placements here.

Thanks everyone who tipped us! Keep 'em coming...

Daniel Rubino

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  • Funny episode!
  • And later in the episode they are flicking through pictures on the phone, which is used in his flashback like things through the episode.
  • except, seconds later the same phone is using the iPhone call log...
  • That's one of my favorite shows!
  • Psych is back on-air!?!SWEEET!
  • Anybody else think its weird that the dead guy has the Windows Phone and all the living have iPhones, think they're trying to tell us something. But I agree Hollywood has no credibility when they switch the Focus to iMessege screen.
  • This is the best show ever and that was the best episode ever! and i actually noticed then when i watched it
  • That episode certainly was one of the funniest ever. It was Gus' phone, not anyone elses. While watching it with the wife, I said "oh look, another Windows Phone spot." But then minutes later, the same phone had the stupid iFruit call log open?!?! WTF???
  • NCIS: LA - Wife and i were playing catch up the other day and while it didn't show the tiles, i noticed a TON of WP7 phones and Win7 Slate devices. Very cool stuff!!!