Samsung Focus on Rogers/Bell getting a firmware update?

We have a report (and screenshot seen above) that users on Rogers/Bell may be getting a firmware and radio update to their phones post-NoDo. According to WPCentral reader TToP:

I have a Rogers Samsung Focus unlocked and running on the Bell Network. I unlocked, and unbranded my phone to install the NoDo update on Sunday, and this morning received a update prompt on my phone. Hooked it up to Zune, and found there was an "Available Update" tagged as "Samsung update for windows Phone." Did the update and found that the Firmware and Radio revision numbers changed. FW and radio versions are now 2124.10.12.2. Took about a half hour for the update.

We already know Dell is scheduling a firmware update for the Venue Pro that is separate from the February/March OS updates, so Samsung doing the same would fit in line with that model. Any other of our readers want to confirm? For the record, we tried it on our unlocked and unbranded Samsung Focus (on AT&T) and got nothin' (we're rocking 2103.10.10.1 for Firmware). Thanks, TToP, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Samsung Focus, Rogers, Canada.No update, here. Perhaps it's because Chad unbranded his phone?Edit: My firmware and radio are both 2124.10.12.2 already, but I don't recall ever getting a firmware update. Just had pre-NoDo, then NoDo.
  • I have a Focus on Rogers. Unbranded it to do the NoDo update earlier this week, but rebranded it since then. Plugged it into Zune and I'm seeing the firmware update prompt as well.
  • I'm on Rogers and I already have 2124.10.12.2 without any Samsung firmware update. I've had the phone since Dec 1. I've installed only the official Pre-NoDo and NoDo.
  • I really hope a firmware update is the reason ATT is taking so long to get NoDo out. That would at least confirm that there's more going on behind the scenes. I was afraid that NoDo was done for the Focus and ATT was just being slow. If there's an additional firmware to test then that would explain the long wait.
  • This is even more of a reason to decouple firmware updates with the actual OS updates themselves. The fact that unbranded devices can receive the two separately means it can be done.But you're right, it does point to some differences between the update process of branded and unbranded devices.
  • Samsung Focus - Rogers - No NoDo update Radio - Firmware 2124.10.12.2.... :(
  • Left my rogers as Stock - no changes whatsoever. Got the "getting ready for update" a while back when it was first released. Saw the article and plugged in to check for an update - install in progress as we speak.
  • I'm curious to see if the AT&T or the Rogers update for the Samsung Focus will include better support for the MicroSD slot. I really hope Microsoft and Samsung haven't forgotten about it, because I was only planning to make due with 8GB until NoDo :(
  • Keep in mind that you will have to perform a hard reset to your phone if you were to add a MicroSD card to it. You will lose all app settings, and any saved game data.
  • I haven't had a chance to teest it, but i was wondering what would happen if someone performed and update then inserted the card and restored from the backup. I really don't want to do it because im lazy and it was a pain getting NoDo on my ATT focus, but i think it might possible work. Of course you would be reverting back to stock, but another simple update would fix that.
  • You can use any Second class Micro SD card I have sense Day one and no issues
  • Anyone having this issue. After updating my phone (F/W: 2103) to NoDo i have problems when syncing. The Zune software says the phone is not responding after about 45 seconds of syncing. It took me an hour to add 10 or so albums to my phone because i had to disconnect and restart the sync many times.
  • Yeah, I had that same problem. I just resolved it by going back to sync options process again. I also had to set up the wireless syncing again too.
  • The firmware got updated with the NoDo at the same time. Didn't get a separate notification at all.
  • OK i want this...How can i re brand my phone after nodo with out having my phone developer unlocked.. cause i obviously cant now :p
  • Does this fix the headphone jack problem?