We have a report (and screenshot seen above) that users on Rogers/Bell may be getting a firmware and radio update to their phones post-NoDo. According to WPCentral reader TToP:

I have a Rogers Samsung Focus unlocked and running on the Bell Network. I unlocked, and unbranded my phone to install the NoDo update on Sunday, and this morning received a update prompt on my phone. Hooked it up to Zune, and found there was an "Available Update" tagged as "Samsung update for windows Phone." Did the update and found that the Firmware and Radio revision numbers changed. FW and radio versions are now 2124.10.12.2. Took about a half hour for the update.

We already know Dell is scheduling a firmware update for the Venue Pro that is separate from the February/March OS updates, so Samsung doing the same would fit in line with that model. Any other of our readers want to confirm? For the record, we tried it on our unlocked and unbranded Samsung Focus (on AT&T) and got nothin' (we're rocking 2103.10.10.1 for Firmware). Thanks, TToP, for the tip!