Take a gander above at the Samsung i900, spotted by Unwired View at at Dutch convention. We're talking Windows Mobile 6.1, Bluetooth, WiFi, 240x400 Touchscreen, gigantic 1500mAh battery, FM Radio, and TV-Out. Probably one of a gazillion keyboard-less Windows Mobile phones we can expect to see in the coming months.

Oh, did we mention that it is to sport a Five Megapixel Camera? We didn't. Well now we did and now you suddenly are more interested. Sorry, though, because we probably won't see it in the states since it's a Triband phone. Then again, that's what we said about the Samsung SGH-i780, but then Samsung decided to make the SGH-i788 just for us stateside folks.

Speaking of the i788, it looks like this i900 shares its ridiculous “optical mouse but no standard dpad” format. Stop that right now, Samsung.