Samsung Propel Pro Gets Official

Joining its feature-phone-made-pro-by-adding-Windows-Mobile brother the Matrix Pro (see full review), AT&T has taken the lid of the Samsung Propel Pro, as expected.  It will be available on April 14th for $149.99 after contract.  You're looking at a Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard device with a slide-down QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, and 3G for data. 

[via Engadget Mobile]

  • touchscreen@?
  • Negative. That's the "standard" part of Windows Mobile Standard. (Pro is touchscreen)
  • i allways like samsung but this one is special.
    i really like it
  • So good to see a Windows Mobile Standard phone. Now the only thing on my wishlist is a VGA or higher resolution screen.
  • everyone was wondering when thered be a higher than vga resolution on a standard phone.
    well tada. i was gonna go crazy thinking no one else noticed
  • The Samsung Propel Pro is the enterprise-targeted followup to last year
  • where can i buy this smartphone without contract under $100