Samsung to release a Windows RT tablet in October?

The word on the street today (according to Bloomberg) is that Samsung is set to launch their own Windows RT tablet in just a few months time. The tip has apparently come from someone with inside knowledge and they have stated that the tablet will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

I am sitting on the fence in terms of whether this is on the cards or not. On the one hand Samsung have the hardware capabilities to build a great tablet but on the other hand they are so well established within the Android tablet market would they now feel the need to consider an alternative OS? Or could this be a reaction to the recent Google Nexus 7 Android tablet which is in direct competition with Samsung and coming in at a much lower price point than the South Korean manufacturer can offer?

With the recent news that Hewlett-Packard (HP) won't initially be backing Windows RT anything is possible. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised to see Samsung jumping on the Windows tablet market. I say watch this space.  Curious though...would such a tablet entice you away from Microsoft's Surface tablets?

Source: Bloomberg

  • I would be interested only because Samsung has not let me down with any of their products recently.  I probably would not bother with a HP device, but it is curious why they are not jumping in?  So at the end of the day it comes down to price and what is provided out of the box. 
  • Hp surveyed their business customers and had little interest in winrt tablets. They wanted windows 8 pro tablets first. Businesses have a lot of win32 apps and no metro apps yet.
  • Samsung will go for the potentially larger market such as Windows, they can take their experience directly to Windows and make more than their Android slates.
  • I disagree. Samsung will likely go for having a hand in both cookie jars. Some people are going to want their Android tablet while others will want their Windows 8 tablet. This is what they do with Windows Phone/Android... why stop? As long as they are not losing money on either one, Samsung wins.
  • The could win more if they simply release a tablet that dual boots win 8 & Andriod like Asus demoed. The could garner more interest and I believe make a better profit; Android is free, outside of the patent fee they pay MS.
  • Sure they'll make one - they were the partner with Microsoft on the win8 dev slate.
  • Agree completely. As well as the dev win 8 tab they also built some good win 7 phones too. Its make perfect sense as they can play each provider (google, ms) against each other to get themselves the best deal/influence. Always better to diversify your revenue stream.
  • Its all about price. I want a win 8 tablet and price / specs will determine which one ill get
  • Samsung has the scale to compete on price.  I see them offering a 16Gb WinRT to compete with Apple at the same price point.
  • You forget that they have to pay Microsoft ~$65 in lisencing fees. Apple sells at their price point making razor thin profit margins on hardware because they can recoup any losses on development ect from app sales, Samsung cannot do this (however Microsoft can). So at the very least, if we are seeing the exact same specs as an iPad, then they will be ~$50 more for the non-Apple or Microsoft device.
  • You do know that apple gets over $100 per iPad sold ? They are not sacrificing anything.
  • Apple sacrificing? That's the last thing they will do, they will sacrifice you first. :-P
  • The only thing that will keep me away from the Surface RT would be a 7 inch RT tablet in the $200 - $300 range because I would prefer that form factor.  Barring that then it will be a Surface RT day one.
  • Not really a surprise, but I'd like to see Samsung pitch something in the small form factor space - everything so far seems to to be 10 inch.
  • Samsung did make the initial developer device for Win8 dev's. While that was an X86 device - it's not a stretch for them to make a Windows 8 RT device, as they were a launch partner for WP7. Samsung while having tons of success with Android smartphones, has like every other Android tablet mfg had at best middling success with Honeycomb/ICS tabs. I don't doubt that they will produce a Win8 RT tablet, especially when they can they can do what they've done with WP7 devices and iterate on their Android designs, eliminating the need for a lot of initial investment. Unfortunately not putting some real design muscle behind a Win8 slate may relegate it to also ran status a long with the rest of their tablets in comparison to the iPad or evern the Surface.
  • I'm ok with them re-using the hardware from Android slates. I'm of the mind that Manufacturers should make a tablet and then let us chose which OS we want on it, and we're at the point where that is possible now with WinRT using the same hardware as Android. If I like the design of the new 10" tablet by Samsung, I should be able to buy that hardware and say I want it with Windows RT or I want it with Android and I should get it that way.
  • Its Nokia or a Surface for me. All that Samsung plastic gets old fast. They do have the best screen tech however, so it will be Interesting to see if they make an ultra high resolution Windows RT tablet to take on the iPad. In the phone market android is king so they focus their primary efforts there. In the personal computing space, windows is king so it only makes sense that they'd focus more on a Windows line of tablets and cut down on the non selling android tablets.
  • I'm guessing you haven't seen Samsung's Series 7 Slate, or many of their laptops either. Many of their non-phone products have more metal in the casing than plastic.
  • He's simply refering to the mobile computing sector which they do have cheap hardware. Good internals (CPU ect) and excelent screen tech, but they do skimp the pennies on the materials.
  • I returned my Samsung Series 7 Slate back in January, but I remember that being a plastic back that was textured to look metal.
    Besides that, it was very poorly built.  I was going to buy the Windows 8 version of that when it came out, but now I will happily get the Surface Pro instead.
  • Samsungs support in Sweden is a joke. The Samsung Omnia 7 owners with problems had have to learn this the hard way. Samsung is not getting one cent from me, no matter how nice products they make. Without support of any kind I will refuse to buy their products!
    So goodbye Sammy hello Microsoft Surface!
  • Yep, they have lost me as a consumer.
    Surface or Nokia looks more interesting.
  • I would not get a Samsung tablet. I do have a Focus S, but don't like the hardware design of anything they make. All high gloss plastic is ugly on my mind. I'll stick with vapormg.
  • I think if you were to take a poll on this most people want a Surface RT and for good reason.  It's by Microsoft so no bloatware, the engineering appears to be at an extremely high level and frankly, it looks the dogs b*ll*cks!
    Sadly, all sogns point to a release to the North American market only.  You have no idea how sad that makes me.  Hopefully some entrepreneurial soul will import a load to the UK so I can haz Surface!
    I suppose if Surface is a no go in the UK I'll have to look at Samsung.  No disrespect to Samsung (my Omnia 7 is still going strong), but it would take a breath-taking device to usurp the Surface from my want list.
  • Microsoft should licence that touch cover keyboard technology to other vendors with one caveat, Windows only. No Android devices.
    Nokia,Samsung an maybe HP with that technology would be aswome.
    I'll be picking up a Surface this fall. I can't wait.
  • I'm not sure RT is going to be that popular, with a full blown OS available. I understand the need for an iPad class device, but with many lower priced devices out there just don't think it's going to sell well. The pro on the other hand, I feel will take off pretty well.
  • On a global stage, the average consumer is hurting for money. If you are one of the many people entering college or looking for their first computer, are you going to buy a Windows 8 Pro tablet  for roughly the same as an ultrabook? I would think you would go for the more complete package... ethernet ports, keyboard included, optic drive might be included, etc.
    If you are not someone looking for a first time device, you are still likely hurting for money. Why do you think the Kindle Fire and Nook line sell so well? Same reason low-end Android devices sell by the truck load... they are cheap! I would rather have RT- metro is the way forward so I would rather invest into metro apps than "desktop" apps aside from games... but I have an XBox for that so it won't matter. I still plan to have Windows 8 on my personal desktop and, eventually, save for an RT tablet.
  • The RT device isn't cheap enough to compete with those other devices. And college kids want cool, not necessarily productivity. I'm always amazed by the number of people who try to do actual work on an iPad. We'll ser what happens with other manufacturers later on.
  • I have no interest in WinRT tablets or iPads. Don't need a third screen between my phone and laptop.
  • Then don't comment?
  • LOL!
  • It only makes sense if they have the phone then why not the tablet to go with it. Microsoft was displaying their tablets before weren't they?
  • Never going to happen.  I was one of the first (maybe even the first) consumer to import a Series 7 tablet into the UK before Xmas and it's at that point that I discovered a stupid flaw that's STILL not fixed.  The screen has been bonded to the body and is literally moving away from the the device which'll eventually allow dust into the main body of the unit.
    Any reply from Samsung? None.  Any reply from Samsung with regards to the wi-fi issues suffered by the Series 9 crowd? None. Does Samsung make nice, shiny items? yes. Do they support said items? Not really.
    Pop over to the tablet pc review forum for more information.
  • That's weird. Many people are saying that Samsung is replacing the units with the screen bonding issue. Either way, anyone that buys one now won't have that problem. It was fixed before the new year.
  • Its definitely a Surface RT (not interested in pro anytime soon as I won't have use for many legacy apps on the go) for me.  With the integrated software and hardware, I only have to go to Microsoft if I have any issues.  The touchpad keyboard, Gorilla Glass 2 and the overall design is what I'm looking for.  I just hope the processor and memory are up to par.  If they're lower spec'd than the Nexus 7, its gonna cost way too much at about $499 and might not be worth it.  Until I get concrete specs, I'm sticking with Surface.
  • Samsung better put an amoled screen on there to get my attention lol I love the AMOLED
  • I am going for a windows 8 pro tablet.  I want to put office and  other software that wont run right now on  rt so its not for me at this time.  Maybe when I retire I'll switch out.
  • Yeah old news knew about this since last Friday. To slow post it here lol...
  • I buy surface
  • The more in the game the better... someone might create something as physically appealing as the ipad, something no one has been able to so far... But HP, please stay out, we've seen what you did to Palm, just stick to your printers and ugly laptops
  • Wow what a dumb analysis. Samsung has been a close tablet partner of Windows since last year when they custom built a developer tablet for Windows 8. They also made the Windows 7 tablet I'm typing this on, the Samsung Series 7 Slate. Samsung is not switching operating systems, they've always supported Windows (Phone, 7, 8, RT). Furthermore since Android and Windows RT use the same hardware it is probably almost trivial for Samsung to adapt to RT. For companies like HP who don't make any ARM based computers it is probably a much greater challenge.
  • MS is probably happy HP backedout of a W8 tablet :)
  • I am not sure why anyone thinks Sammy is debating this. The only true successes in the Tablet market have been the iPad and the Kindle Fire. Nothing else has sold better than mediocre. Samsung is big with laptops with Windows, and any manufacturing company can see the advantages to the cross platform ecosystem Microsoft is building. Yes, Sammy will build an RT Tablet. It is a great gamble in a wide own market.
  • You know as soon as the Win RT tablets start hitting the street its going to kill the market for the crappy android tablets and hopefully take a good chunk from the iPad to.
  • Price point and accessories will help me decide. I will be going RT since I really don't need anything more for my personal use. Sammy makes good stuff too.
  • All to do with the price my friends!
  • I'm going for the Surface - RT & Pro