Samsung to team up with Microsoft on Windows 10 Internet of Things efforts

CES 2016 saw Samsung and Microsoft jointly announce some impressive looking Windows 10 products, like the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 2-in-1 tablet. However, that partnership will also keep expanding to include the Internet of Things efforts from both companies.

Microsoft's Windows and Devices head Terry Myerson offered some general information on that new partnership in a blog post:

"Along with Samsung, we share a common vision for millions and millions of devices and Things all communicating together using open protocols and standards within inclusive ecosystems, inspiring the creativity of software developers, device manufacturers, and rising star Makers around the world. CES is a perfect event to showcase ideas that we're collectively exploring and today we were honored to showcase how Windows 10 is the ideal platform for intelligent IoT devices. Our demo on stage highlighted Windows 10 and Samsung IoT-ready appliances working together through a potential scenario of openness and collaboration, creating a future where people have more choice and ultimately can be more productive at home."

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • This is cool! Maybe we'll see some Samsung Windowsphones running Windows 10 Mobile?
  • I want to see Samsung Galaxy Edge phone with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • With Microsoft Edge as its browser, they will be the Edgy Edge phone!
  • Lol, you joke, but the marketing writes itself right there.
  • Give yourself the edge with edge on the galaxy edge.
  • My dream too....
  • And what would the sides actually do. OEM can't customize Windows Mobile although I'm sure their will be an application or something to give it a nifty features. Windows Mobile is still lacking in many features Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Frost Nexus 6P
  • Same here Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @WinCoffee:
    This was my hope too originally.
    But if facts are any evidence, Samsung screwed Microsoft over another time, when Nadella cozied up to them and signed the deal that brought preinstalled MS Office apps to Samsung's Android phones.
    Oh must Nadella be butt-hurt...
  • That was nadella's plan all along...get apps on Samsung phones and have the royalty waived...and it worked out quite well. How is this a loss?
  • @rianext:
    I expected Nadella to make Samsung commit to at least one or two Windows Mobile phones. This would've been a small gain for Microsoft.
    They DON'T EARN ANYTHING from Office users on (Samsung's) Android phones. So I ask you back, how is having Office apps on Samsung's phones a WIN for Microsoft?!
    You ask how this is a loss? Since Microsoft is not earning anything from the office users Samsung brings to the table, the deal is (technically) a loss for Microsoft, due to the lost patent royalties.
  • Why wouldn't they earn anything from android office users when they earn on all other platforms?
  • @Giddora: Do you know any 10.2 inch (Samsung) Android phones? From these they could earn money, because they would require an Office365-subscription. Smaller devices don't earn Microsoft money, because the Office apps on them don't need an Office365-subscription. Windows phones were the only exception, because clearly a cut of the revenue made with them was directed towards the development of Office.
  • The idea is connecting the user to MS services and apps like Office, even if free on mobile will lead to a license as the user wants to continue the experience on a larger device such as tablet or PC.
  • @wpjoe:
    I get that. But releasing Office apps on iOS and Android is a lot of effort for the faint hope that maybe ~5% of freebies might consider an Office365-subscription down the road...
  • Oh yes! I would love to get my hands on a Galaxy Note 5 with windows 10. But Microsoft is too stubborn to implement the split screen feature! Damn you microsoft!
  • Who knows? Maybe they'll bring split screen in future? As weknow Windows is now service and will get big updates! ^^
  • Not gonna happen.
  • Right, can you look at the lotto numbers in your crystal ball too?
  • If you need a crystal ball to know that, by God you must be dumb.
  • No, dumb is saying something is impossible without any real evidece to support it. I hate to break it to you but Samsung has in fact worked with Microsoft in the past. Considering you don't have an inside look into the workings of either company, you don't have hard evidence. You have only your biased speculation.
  • "without any real evidece" "in the PAST". Exactly. PAST.
    The day you stop being a blind fanboy, look at the numbers of WP, the profits it (doesn't) generate and the mobile market, you'll realise that only in your fever dreams would Samsung waste money on more WP devices. But of course, you lack the ability to look past your pre-conceived dreams about WP.
  • First of, why did you quote me without proving me wrong? Bring some evidence that says Samsung will never make a galaxy phone with windows on it. That's your claim, so prove it. Second, I didn't say it would happen, so I don't know where you're getting fanboy from, especially coming from you, captain IfItsNotNokiaItSucks.
  • It would if Astoria was continued as a top priority as Ballmer said last year, but with the current state of Windows 10 Mobile, I agree it is not attractive for Samsung with so many apps not available on this platform. Carriers and Samsung are on the same boat, put Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile or they won't bother making a phone that runs W10.
  • Ok, and now the question: why would I buy a Windows Phone to run Android apps in...when I could simply buy an Android device and have those same apps (plus all the Google services that not even with Astoria would come)?
  • I doubt MS is moving forward with Astoria, at least, not in the capacity that you think they will or should. At this point, MS is (and rightly so IMO) betting on its Universal Windows Platform. I believe it's the best way to generate interest in Windows without relying on other platforms (Android and iOS). Given the early results, the strategy seems to be working. Astoria deincentivizes developers to make Windows apps--and by Windows I mean the entire spectrum, not just mobile. UWP gives developers access to an audience much larger than W10M, and all they have to do is make one app.
  • Microsoft patents rules Samsung
  • $1B a year...
  • Microsoft patents rule any other android smartphone maker.
  • Great but Samsung just showed off their Tizen-based smart fridge.
  • Better than an android based one.
  • +1
  • What is your thought on Android apps running in Tizen OS?  Do you think it would be good for Android developers to have their Apps used outside Android ecosystem?
  • That already happened with blackberry and bluestacks on Windows. I think it's good for any developer to maintain a sort of independence from Google's ecosystem, even if that means being on android and not beind dependent on GMS. It is interesting that with Android-N Google is capitulating and using Oracle's Java stack instead of the bastardized apache version they used in Android through Marshmallow as Oracle's LGPL license is open for anyone to use.  Theoretically it makes it much easier for Samsung to also use it in a Tizen JVM for Android app compatibility.  If they can buld the Galaxy S8 into a Tizen device that supports the same apps as their android running phones I think Samsung has a good chance of getting out from under Google's thumb.  That would be good for Samsung, and potentially good for everyone else, developers included.
  • Thanks for the response, very informative.
  • Google hates it so that is ok with me.
  • @Chris_Kez:
    That's why Myerson is only talking about a "potential scenario".
    So per usual: Nothing substantial and only hot air from Myerson.
  • Can see all Galaxies in Windows 10 Mobile version...?
    So that we are free from Hardware Gap
  • Would love to see people **** bricks if Samsung loaded Windows 10 Mobile with Continuum support on next Galaxy smartphone.
  • I guess they had a fight with Larry Page. Finally.
  • Good news for my ATIV S! Sigh!
  • You never know....we might even get windows 10 mobile one day !
  • Did you see that in your crystal ball ?
    (heh heh)
  • If there is one single thing needed to get higher market share in phone business its samsung releasing a couple of phones. And promote them.
  • Like a commercial showcasing the design of the next flagship Galaxy smartphone and then they unlock phone with Windows Hello and the world sees Windows 10 Mobile loaded instead of Android. Even Google would **** bricks seeing an OEM like Samsung drop their OS like a bad habit, or at least offering the latest Galaxy flagship in both options.
  • A windows 10 smartwatch would excellent
  • Samsung pay on my Lumia icon please
  • I'm sure Microsoft is making their own tap to pay for Windows 10 Mobile
  • Yeah but I hope they manage to do it right the first time and not release a half-baked wannabe. Release first, fix later isn't good. I would love for them to offer a fully decked out Microsoft Wallet app, complete with mostly everything built in with the option to add 3rd party wallet supplement apps. Not rely heavily on 3rd party to build their wallet app like they did before.
  • I hope they actually release it... Its been a year since we first heard about Microsoft Pay and getting states approval. Then nothing else since... How long does this take?
  • And when's that. It's been ages Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Frost Nexus 6P
  • When a Galaxy with W10...
  • The Tab Pro is a Galaxy with W10.   If you're asking for a Galaxy phone with WP10, then the answer is: when pigs fly.
  • @DJCBS:
    At the earliest...
  • Samsung phone with 4k resolution, gtx titan gpu and a USB blender attachment for smoothies, or I'm leaving the ecosystem and getting a Blackberry. I need it by tomorrow so.I can play with it this weekend.
  • Hahahah that's funny!
  • Do they have a usb microwave attachment? If so, I am in too!
  • They hate google that much now huh? Tizen? How about with W10...m...???
  • Where is the Galaxy EDGE+ W10M version samsung? I'm ready to buy
  • Microsoft and partnerships.......hmmmm.
  • Nice. How about a few W10M phones to keep track of all those things? You know, just to make sure the fridge is not banging the washing machine or something.
  • Microsoft made a bold move with the Surface line and now other OEMs have seen the payoff and are finally jumping aboard with using Windows 10. However, on the phones side, Microsoft still isnt there yet....and this is where the other companies such as Samsung, LG, Acer etc...should really jump in full swing with a flagship of their own and take advantage of the situation. I think whoever jumps all in with a flagship phone with windows will even, meaning Android phone specs with windows 10 will have a huge edge over everyone else, including Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Now we see progress in ms N Samsung. I think ms is still half way but ms will catch first place one more time soon. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So Samsung, when are you going to put a Smart Hub software on Windows 10 desktop, and I say desktop because you just launched the Samsung Galaxy 2 in 1 with Windows 10 desktop (not Windows 10 Mobile ) It would be great if these Samsung desktop devices can control Samsung smart appliances, Samsung lights, Samsung smart garage doors, Samsung TV's, Samsung Blu-ray players, etc using your Windows 10 2 in 1 as a central hub.
  • Please, a windows phone smartwatch.
  • Is Samsung switching sides because it cannot compete with Android OEMs?
  • Personally, I don't like Samsung because it shamelessly copies things from Apple, Nokia and other innovators.
  • Good! The Achilles heel of IoT is that differing OS things * don't talk to each other*. Apple watches don't work with WP. Apple pay doesn't work with Droid, smart watches don't talk to smart fridges, or cars. Yet.