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Samsung unveils new ATIV Windows 8 hardware, but showed no love for Windows Phone

So Samsung unveiled a number of ATIV products today, which is great and all, but one can't help but wonder where the phones were. We're not talking about Android hardware, because Samsung managed to show off some features of the Galaxy range. But while we weren't expecting to see a new Windows Phone, the OEM could have unleashed a beauty of a device and rise to Nokia's challenge.

We saw the following take centre stage (if you so happened to miss the show):

It's rather strange how Samsung went about announcing everything as we had to use other sources instread of relying on the usual press releases. In fact, we covered new hardware today that wasn't even present at the Samsung event in London. We can't help but feel as though the whole thing as slightly rushed when we look at the Windows sections. What would have been an awesome addition? Of course, a Windows Phone.

Samsung ATIV Tab 3

That's right, folks. It floats. Look at that floating.

Now we know that Samsung has firmly placed all its eggs in the Android basket, but it's interesting to see how the company has expanded the ATIV family to include more form factors. Could we be witnessing a slight change in the wind with more support for Microsoft? We highly doubt it, but there has always been hope for Samsung. We'll soon resort to sending nasty emails and camping outside their HQ until we get an ATIV S II. Now wouldn't that be a blinder? 

It's actually frustrating for us here at Windows Phone Central. While we enjoy covering Nokia news and everything the manufacturer is doing for Windows Phone, we miss Samsung. They produce some real nice hardware and we praised the ATIV S in our in-depth review. We'd like to see Samsung fire up the Windows Phone machine once more and start churning out more handsets. Only time will tell if the company has time for Microsoft's mobile platform.

But that's enough from us, how did you feel about today's presentation? 

Be sure to remain tuned to our feeds for hands-on and more details regarding the products announced today.

Rich Edmonds is a word conjurer at Windows Central, covering everything related to Windows, gaming, and hardware. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a device chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • So im guessing "no" and "wp" are becoming common words
  • You have better hope on HTC, than Samsung.
  • I agree and to me HTC and Nokia should merge.
  • Eh the only thing Nokia could learn from HTC in my opinion is how to make the best HW keyboard ever if they haven't let go the people responsible for the touch pro 2...
  • I think the closes hardware keyboard you can get is BBQ10.
  • Why would Samsung bring out new WP8 hardware now? They need WP8.1 they want to go QuadCore!
  • Nokia managed to release new phones without WP 8.1, with the 925 and soon the EOS. And when quad cores are available, will that really change how many WP devices Samsung makes? I'm not sure things will be different than they are now.
  • "Nokia managed to release new phones without WP 8.1"
    Yeah and? Why does the market leader want to follow an also-ran? Now someone is going to say "But Nokia sells more WP than anyone else!" - that's like saying you are the biggest star in your home town - nobody cares. 
  • The goal is to be the biggest star in everyone's home town ....ahem..XBox One.
  • I seem to remember watchin the wp8 event and someone saying wp8 can handle multiple cores and jokingly said 64 core.... And I remember it was a big talking point... What happened? I keep hearing they haven't enabled it or what ever, but sure then it don't support higher than 2.... And If this is the case make a jump so people can innovate right off the bat, 4,8,10,12,16 core should be smashed out and pick a few resolutions up to 4k to support... With the resources Microsoft has at its whim it could be done in 6 months without effecting the rest of the company, I know alot of people said programming is hard and it is I know... I do it....but they have 160 billion burning a hole in their pants... Spend a billion buying a large dev company and turn it into the back up team, they take up the slack when a big project starts.... Go from project to project every time a big update is due
  •   I agree. They're probably waiting so that they can do what they did with the S3, just re-use the exact same hardware and put the WP8 OS on it. This just goes back to why Microsoft needs to buy Nokia. They can't count on Samsung or Huawei to push their devices and HTC is only in it half-heartedly.
  • I'm fine with them using their Android flagship on WP. That's pretty much exactly what I want in fact. I even bought the ATIV S because the Rogers website incorrectly listed that it had LTE band 17 but it didn't, so I got rid of it and kept my 920. The ATIV S was a nicer phone.
  • I don't think the number of cores has anything to do with it. WP is a platform that runs smooth without the need for all the cores. I don't get why people get hung up on tech specs like this, completely irrelevant in the mobile world really
  • That's too bad. Samsung makes nice Windows Phones.
  • Not that I'm interested in a Samsung WP cuz I'm all about Nokia, but damn
  • I don't see myself buying Samsung unless the give full support and have services like Nokia.
  • Man I was pretty angry actually, there have been no words from Samsung about any windows phone, "or sprint" they need to relax on this "galaxy everything" front and show us a little love
  • Why are you desperate for Samsung? Haven't checked out the Lumia phones.
  • I can't speakfor the OP, but my household has been with Sprint for years, and they offer the best per month plan in my area. Since Lumia isn't venturing to sprint anytime soon, I was hoping for an Ativ S on Sprint. 
    So now I either convince the family to switch or get an HTC Tiara, a phone I couldn't be more unexcited about.
  • I'm not desperate for anything, keep it friendly pal, I'd just love a windows phone on sprint because they have unlimited data and reasonable coverage where I live. I'd prefer Nokia but sprints not having it
  • I'm not a Samsung fan but I think they will announce a new device when Microsoft upgrades WP with quad core and 1080 and new software features. Releasing one now doesn't make sense for them.
  • Quad core is available now if they wanted to.
  • I don't believe quad core is available to WP yet. While it supports many cores, MS approves SoCs and writes drivers themselves to control the overall experience. This has not yet been done for any quad core SoCs.
  • Exactly.
  • Why do you say that?
  • windows phone supports up to 64 cores but microsoft only uses dual core at the moment. quad core and more core processors will be supported in the future when microsoft updates the OS to let it happen
  • The problem is when in the future will quad core be supported? What updates have we received since October 2012 and what features did it add?
  • Quad core will be supported with eht GDR3 update latr this year. We gor GDR1 which added continous wi-fi and bug fixes. GDR2 which is coming next month adds FM radio,bug fixes,data sense and other features. Nokia will add features also with this update for the camera and touch the screen to wake.
  • No sprint Samsung phone announcement, disappointed.
  • ^ This
  • In the world of Nokia, very few people would buy from other OEMs.
  • So Samsung did the right thing right? I mean that is kinda the mentality now so why try.
  • Would love to see a Ativ S two and a Titan 3,but probably won't happen anytime soon.
  • Probably no ATIV 2, but I wouldn't doubt a renamed titan is in the works.
  • The HTC Zenith was suppose to be the WP8 Titan but the rumor is that since HTC couldn't put a 1080p screen on it, it's been canceled.
  • Exactly what I was referring to, but when GDR3 comes out, I think plans might be back on.
  • Not surprised since the WP8 platform has remained stagnant since launch.
  • If stagnant you mean Lumia 928, 925, EOS, Ascend W2, and Samsung updating all their apps then I guess so.
  • And not to mention they have already released this years roadmap of gdr2 and 3 and then blue for end of year. But yeah, i guess when you compare the ios yearly cycle and androids stand still. I guess three updates in one year is pretty stagnant /s
  • The platform not the products...he means the os itself is the same since release
  • It was launched 8 months ago. Did you really expect a major update since then?
  • They need a facelift even if small updates to add a notification center or something. Nokia is always making something happen, Microsoft needs to also
  • Not to burst your bubble but notification center isn't exactly small and if you do that people will get different versions because carriers take time to roll it out. WP8 is a closed software to ensure consistent user experience. 3-4 updates in one year is very fast for updates.
  • People seem to think that programming is as easy as punching in "Insert Notification Center," and then you press enter to confirm.
  • Of course it's not but they need to update these things. People enjoy quick access to information in one area without having to open and close apps and apple learned that so now it's Microsofts turn. They need to do something because they are losing support from everyone except the one they are paying. Is this not a problem for anyone else?
  • Since you know that is not easy to program/code just wait until you get the two updates and one major one 8.1. The GDR2 will be coming next month.
  • well.. it is.. are you saying the Microsoft Engineers are not capable of creating notification center since it was released?
  • Really, so, inserting new code and thoroughly testing it on several devices is as easy as flipping a switch? Do tell.
  • Actually that's incorrect. Paul Thurrott mentioned that MS has actually slowed their rate of updates (which is still pretty quick IMO if you look at what they're doing) at the request of Nokia.
  • There was nothing announced that interested me, but to be honest I'm not a Samsung fan so there was little chance of that happening anyway. The Q is a nice design but at 13.3" and 1.29KG its too big and heavy for a tablet and overall too expensive at 1500 Euros. The high screen res seems just for bragging rights, even with Windows 8.1 it strikes me as overkill on such a small display. The Tab is basically like any current Atom tablet with a Wacom digitizer so nothing special there either.
  • The Ativ Tab 3 includes Office 2013 and SideSync, where you can use your mobile from your tablet... Who else has that at such a low price?
  • That's what I'd hoped MS was trying to keep secret with the WP8 reveal, being able to use your WP with win8. Good move on Samsungs part, but won't support WP and this is a WP news/fan site.
  • SideSync is just software, technically it can also work with WP8.
  • I was under the impression that it would require an app and seeing how samsung is, I highly doubt they would make it for windows phone.
  • Agree with the quad core statements...this is a MSFT issue. Too damn slow with Windows Phone. Their own divisions like Skype treat WP like an afterthought, so why should OEMs be different???
  • Sigh. Wp8 has been out for 8 months. In that time it has doubled market share, doubled app count, announced three updates for this year alone and taken the readers choice phone of the year award with the 920. But hey, i guess that's not good enough.
  • As stated above, that's incorrect. Paul Thurrott mentioned that MS has slowed their rate of updates (which is still pretty quick IMO if you look at what they're doing) at the request of Nokia
  • Its no big suprise honestly.  It would of suprised me MORE if Samsung did put out another WP.  The Avit WP8 device was a token effort and nothing more.  All they did was recycle some old Samsun 3's and put WP8 on it.  They never advertised it, they never tried to get it into any carriers, they just didnt try at all.  Im sure Microsoft gave them some deal if they made a WP8 device, and they put the minimum effort into it just to meet those demands.  With that out of the way, and the Galaxy running away with the Android market.  I would not expect a WP8 device from Sammy till WP8 takes 2nd place, and thats not gonna happen very soon.
  • Or maybe they're just waiting until WP can actually take advantage of any new hardware. What can you release that isn't only marginally better than the ATIV S right now? WP still only supports 1GB RAM, 720p screens, dual core processor. Make the camera better? Need more than that.
  • I'll survive.
  • Most boring thing ever, and the presenters, god how dull
  • Galaxy S owner here--- looking to grab a Lumia 822 after gifting a white version to my woman.
    Samsung is trash...they can make all those Android based Galaxy and never update those things....heck my Galaxy even came with broken GPS....
  • Ha ha ha that what happened to me with my first Galaxy Vibrant with my two friends. That is why I will not buy Samsung, they left me high and dry.
  • Yup. My galaxy had a broken GPS that was remedied by long hours of research and the efforts of the xda community.
  • Waiting for 1080p support .. It's idiotic to launch a 720p phone when their galaxy flagship is Full HD
  • Love my Ativ S.Samsung has pushed out alot of app updates the last couple of weeks.When I turned on my phone last week for first setup their was even a couple of firmware updates.
  • Your welcome
  • Thank you, get to typing and don't check my spelling .
  • When will the window phone owners get that. Nokia OWNS the WP market. Everyone else that makes a WP is just trying to get the chocolate sprinkles that fall of the double scoop of the vanilla ice cream.
  • People make a good point though, how do you compare your Galaxy S 4, 1080p / quad or octa core (based on version) to your Ativ S II which is limited at 720p / dual core.... It would be a waste of resources and pointless for people to upgrade to it considering it will be the same as the Ativ S.
  • Does the iphone5 have octa cores and 1080p? No, it doesn't even have 1.5gig dual cores and 720p yet. I'm curious as to why wp is considered low powered and under specced when ios is not.
  • Apple is slowly going down, as well as Apple has always survived by releasing a product that goes on design and die hard fans... Whereas Android goes after "best, fastest" phone. You don't replace a phone after it has been put for 6 months. The Ativ S was announced September but wasn't available until January or later in other countries. 6 month is too short of a life cycle to announce another phone...
  • You need to remember that while super high specs may be fine for bragging amongst geeks, most people in countries that can afford them don't understand the difference. They go for galaxy because that's the brand they know. Most Android phones, in fact, are super cheap and in developing countries.
  • The Ativ S is a decent enough WP8 handset and spec wise compares pretty well with Nokia and HTC. I can't see a compelling reason for them to release another "flagship" WP8 phone. Let's face it, aside from the awesome camera, the specs for the "EOS" are probably going to be similar to the 925 anyway.
    Personally I would have liked to have seen them announce an Ativ S Mini or a new low end WP8 handset.
  • The point is an ATIV S2 right now would be negligibly better than an ATIV S. Look at all of Nokia's new offerings. They're just variants of the 920. Add a xenon flash in one. Remove 16GB and Qi in another. Samsung is just waiting until it makes sense to make another WP.
  • Except the OSs are completely different. I get that Samsung has their very popular galaxy line, but 1080p is extremely new to Samsung. Even the note 2 @ 5.5" has a lower resolution than the lumia 920. The GS4 just came out, its very difficult to believe it a standard. And a processor cannot be compared across OSs; relative to other WPs, whatever Samsung might want to put in there is fine. Its understandable for Samsung to not want to make a wp8 handset, but to say this is due to resolution or SoC is stretching it I think.
  • The more OEM's the better.Unless Microsoft goes the Apple route,they should, even HTC hasn't put out a new phone sense the WP8 launch.
  • Nokia dominates the windows phone market and I believe that Nokia will be the sole manufacturer with windows os which isn't a bad thing in a android dominated market, apple is the only ios phone and it does not seem to hurt their sales. Anyway who wants a Samsung WP when they put their best hardware in their androids and aging middleware in their wps?
  • I get what your saying but wp is not a powerful enough competitor atm to just have one manufacturer, Nokia is not exactly making Samsung money to make it happen. Nokia is nice but the platform needs competiton and support.
  • I seriously believe that Microsoft should seriously consider buying 51% of Nokia and take WP exclusive to Nokia. Then they could issue one Nokia Android phone just to be subversive to the other manufacturers (Nokia is that good!) while expanding the WP line. Make Samsung come begging for it. Until then, screw em.
  • We do not want a Nokia android phone. It would cause the entire world to lose its shit and claim wp is dead blah blah blah. Add that to the fact wp is nicer to use and faster/more stable. Why go for the second best option. The phone race isn't over. Not even the usa has 50% market penetration yet. So forget the billion current users, focus on the 6 billion potential ones.
  • I would love just one Nokia android phone lol that would be like a crazy treasure like the N9 since they would never release another in this fictional scenario
  • Where are you getting your data from? Pew recent study shows nearly 60% people in the US own smartphones. 
  • It would be nice for MS, but to me, personally, I'm not interested in Samsung phones at all, their materials are horrendous, cheap plastic.
    I can't even imagine in a wild nightmare, changing from a charismatic Lumia Windows Phone to a Samsung....
  • The thing is that there's not much they could add to a phone that would make it much better than the ATIV S, so why waster the resources?
  • This is true. Until WP gets some new features, there isn't much incentive for them to release new hardware. They could, however, push new software functionality through exclusive apps if they so chose, like Nokia does. They do it for Android, but they seem to have little interest in this though when it comes to WP.
  • Do people actually use any of the Nokia apps other than Maps and Drive? Those are available on the ATIV S. 
  • I use Music and the camera thing, whatever it's called.
    But nobody really uses the Samsung Android extras either.
  • Easy to see where Samsungs prioritys lie, if i was a paranoid person, i would even say they are in bed with Google/Android and google have bribed them into their lacklustre input towards WP8
  • We need to stop kidding ourselves and put 100% full support for Nokia.
  • Considering that Samsung released a fair bit of hardware for Windows Phone 7 and 7.5, it's puzzling as to why they're holding back on 8 devices, considering there are far more WP users than there used to be. I guess they're strictly interested in catering to the Android market, since the S3 has given almost instant fame.
  • Why is that puzzling? All of Samsung's WP efforts have lost them money. Making money is the only reason for them to develop/release anything! The only OS Samsung cares about is Tizen. Everything else is just a means to an end...
  • Nothing is puzzling about it. WP doesn't currently support hardware better than what the ATIV S has other than better cameras. They just don't see the point in releasing variants of the ATIV S.
  • Right now I could care less for Samsung, I was waiting for the ATIV-S and when the 920 was released I was skeptical. I went ahead and got it replacing my Samsung Focus Windows 7, also I figured since they said that the Samsung Ativ-S was right around thr corner, I waited and waited and waited, soon a month past and I realized that the Nokia 920 was bad ass alot better and put together then my previous Samsung thats battery would go dead on a full charge in 6 hours and that was after I replaced the battery. We'll people I waited 6 months, then finally the Ativ-S was released. I looked at it and compared it to the 920, the 920 was much better and I liked the software better, then it came out that Samsung has been trying to hamstring Microsoft so they don't sell Windows Phones and their Galaxy and Note Bullshit. I know people that have broken these. Why I would care less then a rats ass about Samsung in phones now. If the Windows phone drys up, I would be getting a Apple, just because I have gotten to hate Samsung so much, even though they make a great TV. Thats what I hate about Samsung stay with what your good at like TVs, quit trying to let out all these products like laptops, notebooks all this bullshit. I have already read the reviews of the Samsung notebooks and people ragged them hoping it was because of the OS, its not the OS is fault when the hardware is shit. Keep making TVs its what your good at.
  • What a shame. No ATIV 2. Samsung are steps ahead than anyone else. Looking around ATIV is still best all round WP on the market. Hope they will come back with new device. Windows badly need them on board.
  • Let's face it, Samsung is a hotter mobile brand than Nokia right now, and it would be good to see them expand their WP product line. Not having them announce anything is just not a good sign, no matter if you love Nokia or not.
    I'm holding out hope that Samsung will release a Note II like phone for WP8, when 1080p and quad core is available for them. The hope is waning, but it's there.
  • You have to understand, Samsung is a manufacturing company. The Ativ S is based on the Galaxy S3 because it makes sense cost wise. Samsung will not release many more WP8 devices as long as WP8.1 is not ready. Any Ativ S2 would be based on the Galaxy S4, otherwise for the low volume the manufacturing costs are too high.
  • I just think W8 phones are dead! Looking at the latest Androids from the last 3 years, with IOs 7 on Apple looking very polished and plenty of new features - W8 seems to be falling more and more behind...It can't even do the most basic functions of most standard cheap smartphones: You can't create photo albums unless you use SkyDrive/PC/Net (this sucking battery life and uses mobile data costs) and slow to do esp if on slow data. There is no seperate individual media/phone volume control - infact there is no Mute for media! Still no all-in-one Notifactions. No folders to catagorgy put several apps in one neat place: W8 tiles can become rather confusing and slow to navigate scrolling continously down while trying to remember where the app is, while remembering the apps icon(a memory test for all)...Voice assistance is not voice assistance as its more of a memory test trying to remember what app can be used, and then remebering what 'Phases' can be said - not a good system!..Not inc third party apps you see how dreadful W8 calculater, clock, calendar, media features are - eg: clock is just an alarm clock , unlike iPhone and Androids where the clock is also a Timer, Word Clock, Stopwatch, Alarm and all intergrated with Voice Assistance...The calendar on W8 is pathetic and extremely basic - again falling behind Android and Apple! ...Even the most basic function such as creating music Playlist is confuing on W8 (esp 920) and you can't even delet albums unless you delet all tracks (slow and stupid)...No wonder W8 gets a lot of bad gossip across phone users and actually desreves it thanks to MS arragonce in doing anything to ammend its failings!
  • You may want to learn proper spelling and grammar before trying to troll against Windows Phones on a Windows Phone-friendly website.
  • I love the announcements of the ATIV Tab 3 and ATIV Q (I want a Q) but they'll probably be overpriced.
    I'm sure Sammy (and to an extent, HTC) is waiting for 8.1 and the updated Chassis specs to put out a dynamic WP device. And like I've said many times, since I'll never get a Nokia, I have no choice but to wait with them.
  • you dont need to wait.. get Ativ S.. you are in love with Samsung and will love that crap too.
  • No LTE, no sale
  • Look, folks... Google is being charged in the EU for allegedly pressuring OEMs to avoid, cancel, delay, or cripple "competing platforms", ie. Windows Phone. Google has gone on record as being hostile towards Microsoft on numerous occasions now.
    Why, then, does it surprise us that the one partner going gang-busters on Android devices would be limiting their support of Windows Phone? To them, there's no financial incentive there.
    Microsoft went after all the Android OEMs for patent licensing revenue too, which while brilliant and appropriate for business to protect their IP, has probably served to be more bullying mobster mentality in practice. In other words, why play nice and trust the guy saying, "Pay me, or I'll cripple your business." If Microsoft were to cut WP licensing in half of the Android revenues it collects (and I'm assuming the licensing is more, of course)... maybe it would make WP more attractive to OEMs again. Well, that and opening the platform up to more development opportunity.
  • I agree, WP8 should be license free for WP8 devices, at least for the first 10 million units any manufacturer makes.
  • Change that to from make to sell, and I agree.
  • Don't worry about Samsung. They're too busy doing air gestures and waving their hands at the Galaxy S4.
  • Hmmm... Reminds me of someone who thought he could defeat the Red Army in 90 days... I think Samsung is a heavyweight, we better watch what Samsung is up to.
  • They're not up to anything Windows Phone related as you can see. But they will be waving at their Galaxy (ok I admit its kinda cool though)
  •  Ha ha ha :-)
  • .
    Hey, Samsung could just take an SG4 and put Windows Phone 8 on it and sell it as the new Ativ S4, no need to do anything more.
    Maybe Samsung has the same complain as Huawei about WP8 license fees but they should remember one thing;  uglyAndroid’s interface needs a lot of work. 
    One of the reasons why Samsung has been so successful with its Galaxy smartphones is because TouchWiz adds a lot to the operating system!  With Windows Phone 8, no need to spend money on creating a brand new interface, WP8 it’s beautiful!
  • Samsung was nothing until Android came along because they can't developed their own cell phone OS they just love tweaking thing. Without Android Samsung is the same old Samsung. My friend used to have one before Android and it is crap and he said that is the last time he will buy Samsung brand.
  • So you haven't heard of Bada, and now Tizen?
    Tizen is the problem here (if anything). They want to release that OS, and gradually pull away from android (they are really feeling themselves!). But they make a point to do very little for WP, as well as bashing Windows from time to time because they want as little resistance as possible to becoming the 3rd OS.
  • Tizen is another spin off of Android if you look at it, it is the same. Yes, I heard about Bada but didn't get them where they're now with Android.. Like the CEO of Huawei he doesn't want to pay for WP8 because he's getting free android, but I think he pays for some IP to MS when he releases Android phones. Let me know what you think!
  • I *think* bada is what they run on their feature phones, and non-smart phones. And they have A LOT of those. I don't know where all their mobile money comes from, but they really do offer a lot of other phones.
    From what I read Tizen is supposed to be their way of gradually pulling away from android.
  • should microsoft drop their wp liscense fees?
  • Nope! That's not the problem.
  • Wow I'm surprised.
  • Lets put everything on the table, Samsung products are cheap.. I agree with many of you MS should let Nokia be its sole provider for WP, and I'm tired of hearing bout spec and updates first thing Android needs all those spec just to keep is OS stable, and IOS update once a year. What more do we need MS had the best OS and updates are better apps and firmware. We don't need Samsung gimmicks tell them to build a quality product or nothing at all.
  • Glad i purchased the Ativ S when i did. A great phone!
  • The sooner Samsungs cheap plastic devices, shoddy aftersales support, and complete lack of innovation, is shown up for what it is, the better. As much as people dislike Apple and Nokia, at least they tick two of these boxes, and certainly have a go at the third box! Samsung are trading on the innovation of others, and the ability to make devices that are (noticebly) cheaper than the competition, whilst actually marketing well enough to charge a premium price for them. Case in point, the S4 Zoom... We want to compete with the impending Nokia EOS/808 WP device, but instead of spending the last few years since the 808 was released developing and researching brave new ways to zoom, we'll throw an actual crudely implemented zoom lens on a device meant to be a phone and off that to the table as "innovation". Just like their hand gestures and eye tracking, both of which had already been developed and implemented by Nokia, and even previous to them, LG back in the mid 2000's, and were found to be a pointless concept in the real world. Samsung will hopefully become just as insignificant as Nokia did when they rested on their laurels with Symbian. The difference with Nokia is whilst the OS was in tatters, they kept innovating with hardware at least, which ultimately led to the 808 and 920 etc...
  • I don't really find it surprising that Samsung haven't bothered with new Windows Phone hardware.
    We have to face facts, we love Windows Phone here, but it still has a LOT of issues and shortcomings and missing features and the team behind it simply aren't pushing out the updates to fiix those issues and fill those gaps. Alongside that you've got Nokia doing amazing things and innovating in hardware and software and spending a lot of money and time doing it.
    Why would Samsung, who are THE top Android phone seller, devote so much time to differentiate a Windows Phone product when it really makes no business sense to do so?
    The Ativ S is a really nice device (and insanely cheap, only £250 off contract in the UK) but it doesn't compare to Nokia and the brand loyalty they have because of their updates. It's in Samsungs better interests to put out a new device with each new OS version and let Nokia and Microsoft build up the userbase and THEN go after it when there's a market but right now it's silly.
    I'm still pretty sure Windows Phone will get merged with the Windows team this year and eventually it will merge with the Windows RT OS and kept more in line with Windows proper than being out on it's own like it is now. Until that happens though, and support and updates are more frequent and assured (and the system in place for apps and updates is more robust, as it is in Windows) along with more customisation options, Samsung would be crazy to bother.
    It's a shame but I don't think they're wrong.
    A phone version of the Ativ Q would be a dream device though, it could run an Atom processor like that new Lenovo phone and switch between WP8 and Android, that would be pretty cool...
    It would have been nice to see an Ativ Zoom though, I'm surprised they didn't try to screw with Nokia with that as I'd have been really torn between the EOS and an Ativ Zoom, even if it is even bulkier than a 920... ;)
  • I agree with you about an Ativ Zoom, although one couldn't call it aesthetically pleasing :)
  • I personally don't want Samsung to make WP for next 2 year. Currently there is no room for 2 big players. And it will kill the small players. We don't want Samsung monopoly in the smartphone world. In Android world nobody else is making money. I don't want that scenario in WP. Once WP user base grow over 50M to 100M Samsung will definitely jump in.
  • Samsung phones are junky anyway....crappy plastic shite so not much of a loss anyway......also they don't have the fantastic apps that Nokia pump out so loss.
  • Who cares. I don't want a fisher price plastic grade phone anyway. Sent from my 920.
  • We need more models of Windows Phone, HTC models are ugly.
  • I agree, but even more than that we need MS to give us a monthly OS update cycle on WP8.
  • I have a 4 year old MacBook Pro I have wanted to replace with something cool and modern. I run Win7 on my MacBook, the Ativ Q is something I will take a look at, because it is also Android, Tablet, Touch and nicely made.
  • Without Nokia, WP would be dead in the water, as no one else really cares about the platform.  With lagging apps and uninterested OEMs, Carriers and Developers, WP is likely to die a slow death.  And since Nokia turned down a merger, I would guess they are free to leave at some point.  An EOS 41mp Pureview running stock Android would decimate all other major players, and I'm sure Nokia has to know this.  The further their sales go down the pipe, the more they will be looking to jump ship.  then where will WP be?
  • Samsung suckzzzz
  • I am curious as to why so many pepople on here are griping about quad core, octa core, sexaginta quattuor core devices not being made for Windows Phone. The only major players making smartphones with such processors are Android OEMs. Do you know why? Because Android is still so clunky that it requires a multi-core processor to do such heavy lifting to make it appear smooth. Windows Phone and iOS do not require such over-zealous processors in order to run smoothly.
    If you had a quad core processor on, say, a Lumia 920, would you even notice that it is running any smoother? Games might run a bit better, but that really relies more on the graphics chip than the main CPU.
    Samsung isn't waiting for quad+ core support from WP. They are waiting for the dollars to roll in from a lineup that they neglected to push. Their bread & butter is with Android, and they are the kings of Android. Why bother themseves with any other venture and risk their continued dominance of that market? (If it ain't broke...)
    What I would rather see is HTC build a WP8 device in the style/quality of the HTC One (yes, I know it's quad core, so no need to bring that up; I'm just in love with that aluminum chassis, camera, and sound).
  • Yeah. I agree, Android needs too much CPU power! But with it, it works and it sells. WP8 is far supperior, but people buy products from Samsung.
  • Well, WP hasn't been exactly been doing stellar for them. I mean, it hasn't exactly sold like hot cakes. It isn't like its Samsungs fault for releasing little hardware and only on select carriers, and its obviously WP's problem. /sarcasm
  • It's a wrong move for Samsung not to invest for Windows Phone. Yes, Android is the most popular OS today, but we need to always consider the future. Windows is a promising OS. As Microsoft continues to improve their OS, I'm sure it will expand it's Market share in the coming years.