Samsung unveils new ATIV Windows 8 hardware, but showed no love for Windows Phone

So Samsung unveiled a number of ATIV products today, which is great and all, but one can't help but wonder where the phones were. We're not talking about Android hardware, because Samsung managed to show off some features of the Galaxy range. But while we weren't expecting to see a new Windows Phone, the OEM could have unleashed a beauty of a device and rise to Nokia's challenge.

We saw the following take centre stage (if you so happened to miss the show):

It's rather strange how Samsung went about announcing everything as we had to use other sources instread of relying on the usual press releases. In fact, we covered new hardware today that wasn't even present at the Samsung event in London. We can't help but feel as though the whole thing as slightly rushed when we look at the Windows sections. What would have been an awesome addition? Of course, a Windows Phone.

Samsung ATIV Tab 3

That's right, folks. It floats. Look at that floating.

Now we know that Samsung has firmly placed all its eggs in the Android basket, but it's interesting to see how the company has expanded the ATIV family to include more form factors. Could we be witnessing a slight change in the wind with more support for Microsoft? We highly doubt it, but there has always been hope for Samsung. We'll soon resort to sending nasty emails and camping outside their HQ until we get an ATIV S II. Now wouldn't that be a blinder? 

It's actually frustrating for us here at Windows Phone Central. While we enjoy covering Nokia news and everything the manufacturer is doing for Windows Phone, we miss Samsung. They produce some real nice hardware and we praised the ATIV S in our in-depth review. We'd like to see Samsung fire up the Windows Phone machine once more and start churning out more handsets. Only time will tell if the company has time for Microsoft's mobile platform.

But that's enough from us, how did you feel about today's presentation? 

Be sure to remain tuned to our feeds for hands-on and more details regarding the products announced today.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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