Samsung Gaming Monitor

If you're a gamer CES 2016 has been quite the convention, but the show isn't done for those who enjoy booting up titles and blowing things up on-screen. Samsung has unveiled new 27-inch curved gaming monitors, offering an immersive experience for those who enjoy getting lost in the action and adventure. The new CF591, CF391, CF390 and CF398 displays curve with a radius of 1.8 meters, wrapping around the owner.

As well as featuring curves in all the right places, Samsung's new screens also help prevent eye strain and fatigue from those long sessions with embedded flicker-free and Eye Saver technologies. Better yet, the company has worked with AMD to include the latter's FreeSync over HDMI, which should also help reduce input latency, stutter and lag when coupled with a supported AMD graphics card.

Overall, these new displays certainly look and sound awesome. We'll have to see when they're eventually released. Unfortunately, Samsung mentioned no word on pricing or availability.

Source: Samsung

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