Samsung's Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset now available

Available for $499, the Samsung Odyssey is now available to buy directly from Samsung (opens in new tab), the online Microsoft Store (opens in new tab), and at retail Microsoft Store locations, Samsung has announced.

Samsung's Odyssey headset is seen by many as the leader of the pack among the current lineup of Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Outside of aesthetics, each current Windows Mixed Reality headset offers very similar specs. Samsung's offering stands out by offering more vibrant OLED 1400x1600 displays and a wider, 110-degree field-of-view. The Odyssey also includes integrated AKG headphones.

Microsoft added support for Windows Mixed Reality in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, launching alongside a wide array of headsets from partners like Acer, HP, Lenovo and Dell, alongside Samsung. If you're on the fence, check out our hands-on with the Samsung HMD Odyssey for a closer look at the headset. Otherwise, you can pick one up for yourself from Samsung or Microsoft (just don't expect to see the headset in Europe).

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  • My advice to game developers here: Don't use MR headsets as limitations to Windows 10 Xbox games. It's happening and it's very annoying, nearly bought a game but figured a headset was needed so stopped. This MR tech is still years away...don't force it on us's annoying and doesn't make sense.
  • So you didn't buy a game that was designed for MR, because it required an MR headset?
  • There's a big industry of Steam VR games that have been around for awhile now that are coming over to the Store. It's in the Mixed Reality section and not very complicated. Games "ported" to VR for the sake of VR are never as good as titles designed to be VR, which is why developers make those games; so no, I disagree. There are also some very good titles available now like SuperHot VR, Space Pirate Trainer, and Arizona Sunshine.
  • The problem that exists right now is price. When SuperhotVR launched on W10 for $25, it was $18 on SteamVR durign a sale. Steam just beats Microsoft's game sales up and down and left and right. That's what has me saying I won't get a WMR headset unless it has official SteamVR support when I go to buy. It's been a few years now, and Microsoft has done nothing to show that they are interested in competing with Steam on digital game prices, so even as it's nice to see WMR get games on the W10 Store, the fact you have to pay MORE for a game (or the same, best-case) to go to the more limited ecosystem isn't at all enticing. Plus, I hate that the ASUS headset was delayed. Seemed incredibly cool, and it was the only headset I had explicit interest in from the initial WMR lineup. I'd like to see WMR get good software support, but that HAS to start with SteamVR, IMO. After living through the deaths of Zune and mobile and Kinect, all partially due to a lack of external software support, I'm a bit weary of having to slog through the content wasteland of an infant Microsoft platform. That said, I really hope SteamVR makes it because I love the inside-out tracking concept and would love to get an XB1X next year that will support my VR headset.
  • Can't wait for SteamVR and Elite Dangerous... I see some are having luck running the Steam Beta. I can't decide between an Oculas or WinMR, lie the Samsung, but it seems overpriced compared to the Oculas, especaily when you consider the amout of games the Oculas has. But then the Lenovo is getting a lot of good reviews.
  • Hello People - I received my Odyssey in the mail today. Trying things out for a bit and I have a couple of questions. How do you make things less blurry? I am an old fart with bifocals, but I even had a young person here with good eyesight try it out and she said most things are blurry except the items directly in front of you. Is there an optimal reading distance I should be shooting for if I go with contacts? Third question, when to get stuck teleporting and the controllers freeze, is there an easy way to cancel the teleport? Did it twice for me and I had to shut down the whole mixed reality portal and start over.
  • For the focusing issue, it could be that you need to fine tune the IPD (interpupillary distance... the distance between your pupils, which you can measure with a ruler in front of a mirror, or stop by an optometrist to have them measure for you). Then go into the settings and enter the value there (Settings -> Mixed reality -> Headset display -> Calibration).
  • Doesn't the Samsung have it's own adjustment, rather than software?
  • yes, the Samsung has a wheel in the bottom of the visor to make this adjustment. I have tried different settings and there is one position that works better than the others. Maybe I should ask my question a little differently. The cliff house itself is clear - the detail in the flooring is remarkable. The apps seen to be where the fuzziness is. This might be limitation of the software. For example in Edge the text on the page is okay, but the link bar is blurry unless you look straight at it. Lots of moving your head around for something that you normally just do with your eyes.
  • I got mine in the mail yesterday as well. I only spent a few minutes with it, but I have to say I love the device and the platform. However, I did experience the same thing you described and I have great vision. All the edges are a little blurry, especially along the bottom. I found that it was not hugging my cheeks very tightly, so after enough adjustment the bottom was less blurry, but overall every edge is slightly blurry. My Gear VR does not have blurry edges, so I'm not sure what the deal is with this one. I'm going to spend a little more time with it today after work.
  • "This might be limitation of the software" I think it's actually a limititation of hardware.  It's either: 1. Microsoft HMD's can run on lower spec computers... built in video cards (non-discrete) on the motherboard would be on the low end spectrum for example.  However, much of the VR experience will be degraded which will include "fuzziness".  Those with higher end computers will have a more enjoyable experience. 2. The ability to make a consumer friendly VR headset (hardware) with the ability to remove all "fuzziness" doesn't exist today at the consumer market.  To make a truly cyrstal clear image from a human Field of View of 220 degrees at 4K quality requires a video card and mini-monitors (that are used in the HMD) simply doesn't exist yet.  What we have today in hardware just barely makes VR possible.  But as monitor and graphic card technology improves, so will VR.  This is absolutely the ground floor of technology that is going to boom eventually.
  • DOn't use bifocals, just distance. The Bifocals won't work with any VR from what I understand.
  • When did you order your Odyssey?  
  • On October 11th - two day shipping, I think
  • I ordered mine on Oct 4th when it first poped up on the Samsung website, they emailed me telling me I would recieve it two days after it's release on Nov the 6th, when I googled if anyone had recieved them yet this site poped up, seeing that you had yours and the gentelman CueVr who claims to have just purchased them and had them in hand I went to Samsung to inquire why I had not recieved mine and got this from the Tech guy Sruthi R that they would arrive by the 10th of Nov,  then today I recieved an email from Samsung stating the they would not availiable for 30 days, do nothing for them to arrive, or cancel if I prefer, So I did  just that, canceled it, and am also going to Sprint and Canceling my current Note 8 contract and paying the penalty and purchasing another phone Not Samsung, at the end of the week I have movers comming to take out a New refrigerator, a stove, and a diswasher with the Samsung logo on it to be hauled to the local trash collection point. Have already let all my Combat Veteran Brothers know this is how Samsung treats it's loyal life time customers with lies and deciet and that they cater to only certain clientele. Will be letting all other persons whom I have accounts with accross the internet just how dishonest Samsung really is. I am glad to know you have yours and wish you the best of luck with them, enjoy life to the fullest!!! :  ) as for me, SamSung, NO Mas!!!
  • William...  I also pre-ordered the HMD from Samsung and I too received the same conflicting information from Samsung about delivery.  The last Email I received from Samsung about the delivery was on the 6th telling me the headset was going to be shipped 30 days later than expected.  At that point I called my nearest Micrsoft store (1 hour away) and asked if they had the Samsung hmd in stock and they said yes.  I cancelled my order with Samsung and went directly to a Microsoft store to purchase it.
  • I purchased mine from the Microsoft on-line store.
  • I kind of wish they had made this a little cheaper and skipped the built-in headphones. The ability to choose to use your own headphones is a really attractive feature of the cheaper headsets. When trying my cousin's Rift, we were playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. It was a bit annoying to have to pull one of the headphones off my ear to get the directions from the others. If I could plug in earphones and just leave one in, that would be awesome, then I could use my better headphones when I'm playing in a scenario where I want the spatial audio. I'll consider this one when I go to buy, but I will probably need to go to a MS Store and actually see a difference in the image quality, as I don't know the supposedly premium stuff would warrant the higher price.
  • I purchased the Samsung HMD yesterday... I initially had my doubts about the headphones as well as I own other VR headsets... some with built-in speakers others without and i prefer my own headphones.  However, the Samsung's HMD comes with spacial sound which is perfectly suited for VR.  It provides a sounds that is more accurate in a VR enviroment than just good music quality headphones.  For example, in the Cliff-house I started the dog widget.  Basically I put dog in one of the rooms in my cliff house.  This dog would begin barking now and then.  No matter where I went in the Cliff house... I could not only hear that dog but I had a real good idea the direction of the barking was as well as how far away it was.  If I stood on the balcony of the Cliff house I clearly can tell where the ocean is and which direction the dog is barking from.  It works well... I was impressed.  The quality of the sound is very good.  Though if I was only listening to music I would prefer one of my better headphones.
  • I'd love to see the bozo who gave you a downvote actually reply and explain himself. Now sure what his complaint would be of anecdotally telling us what you bought and what it's like. I find this helpful, though I honestly don't see what the difference would be between getting the spatial audio from the built-in stuff vs. getting it sent over an aux cable through my surround sound headset. My thing is that I'd like the option of audio quality (headset) or single-ear convenience while doing something where hearing others is important (earphones). An aux solution would provide that.
  • Received the Odyssey yesterday and was disappointed to find out that it did not work with my surface laptop i5 8gb. When mixed reality opens my screen starts flickering and it does not stop until i disconnect the Odyssey. My SL  is up to date with all the latest drivers and fw. Does anybody else had this problem with the surface laptop?
  • Fixed it.. turned out to be a faulty HDMI ---> mini display cable.   Very impressed with what i see till now in mixed reality