Satya Nadella reveals more about himself in new video interview

Satya Nadella doesn't usually offer any personal details about himself in interviews, but the CEO of Microsoft did just that in a video chat with The Wall Street Journal called "How I Work*.

The interview goes over a vareity of subject, such as what is Nadella's favorite workday time-waster, which he says is Cortana jokes. He also admits to being a morning person rather than a night-owl, and says that he likes to listen more and talk less during meetings. Other items that are brought up in the 2 minute interview include Nadella's most prized personal possession, what he does first thing in the morning, what his number one smartphone app is and who has influenced him the most in his life. Perhaps the funniest answer is which event would he rather attend; a Los Angeles Clippers basketball game with owner, and former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, or a bridge game with company co-founder Bill Gates.

Source: Wall Street Journal (YouTube)

John Callaham