Say hello to the new MSN for Windows 8 and IE 10

MSN is set to receive a visual overhaul this October to coincide with the release of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. Microsoft plans to roll-out the upgrade on October 26th, which will see the portal that receives over 480 million visitors per month sporting a new design and integration possibilities with other Microsoft products. The team have also looked at how the service can be made more user friendly when viewed on tablets running Windows 8.

MSN will be the portal that will fire up once Internet Explorer is launched in Windows 8, so what will consumers be greeted with?

MSN Windows 8

A more minimalistic and easy to navigate user interface, which is reported to be 'blazing fast' - so be prepared to have your mind literally blown away. Taking aspects and design elements from Windows Phone and Windows 8, the new MSN website design will enable visitors to browse through the vast array of categories and articles through the use of intuitive rendering and the support for touch devices.

Thanks to Internet Explorer being developed to take full advantage of the Windows 8 architecture, loading speed is reported to be significantly quicker and swiping, scrolling and general browsing will be noticeably smoother. The Windows 8 Snap feature to snap a given page to the side of screen is said to also be supported while you engage in another program or webpage.

Check out the video below for a quick walkthrough.

If that wasn't enough, MSN News will be introduced which is designed to deliver the news in 300-500 words providing consumers with quick access to hte latest headlines with less fluff. So be on the look out for the refresh, which is set to be unveiled on October 26th.

Source: MSN

Rich Edmonds
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