Say your Imagio's left on the bus ...

OK, this one's funnier, and I'm getting used to the balloon guys. [via]

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  • The more hardcore, rated 'R' version has her not reuniting with her balloon friends and instead needs to remote wipe them via MyPhone.
  • That's the direction i thought the video was going to go in. But the balloon people are somewhat a fresh idea. You can't say that the material has been copied from anyone. ..At least not to my knowledge.
  • Once again can you say creepy Teletubbies.
  • lol, that was some funny had me cracking up. where are my balloon people too?
  • Alright. First one was lame, but a smart set up for this commercial and any others like it that follow.
  • Well, finally something original and refreshig.. I have a renewed faith in the creativity of the advertisement people.
  • When do we get to see the balloon people beat up the "I'm a Mac" guy?
  • The latest one is flat out creepy. It looks like the Facebook app is giving this guy a hummer.