Screenshot functionality in Windows Phone 8 demonstrated

A highly request feature was unveiled by Joe Belfiore yesterday at the Nokia and Microsoft press conference - the ability to take screenshots in Windows Phone 8. Pressing the start and power buttons simultaneously will take a shot of the screen and place it in a camera roll folder.

The long awaited functionality has been continuously requested by Windows Phone owners, particularly bloggers and reviewers who could make use of an in-app screenshot feature. While there are a variety of homebrew solutions available, it's more effective for marketing the platform if a desired feature found in other smartphones is now sported in Windows Phone.

Comparison website Recombu managed to get some screenshot action on film with a demonstration. 

Source: YouTube, via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I think Start + Camera would have been a more logical choice (and easier to press with a single hand) but I'm just glad to see the functionality exists.
  • Ehh. IOS is the power and home too.
  • Yes it was mildly funny watching my brother in law constantly turning his phone off..
  • Cross patent licensing between Apple &Microsoft, make sense to press camera button with windows button though.
  • Now to find how it works on W8 start screen. Snipping tool only works in DT mode.
  • In Windows 8, it Windows Key + PrtScn. :-)  The Screen shot is sent to your photos.
  • Thanks, that was a duhhh moment. I guess if I would have thought old school I would have realized it. :-S
  • I just use my wp take picture hahaha
  • Now that's a "screenshot", LOL!
  • It's almost definitely for Windows 8 consistency, since Windows 8 has no camera button.
  • Windows+PrtScrn saves a shot into your pictures folder.
  • Its about time they add this should've been included in 7.5. Can't wait for these phones to release already!!
  • At least they're listening :)
  • There is a home brew app for that I have been running for a while
  • I agree because if you accidentally press the power button even a micro second first, you would end up locking the phone instead of taking a screenshot. Maybe, can you confirm Rich?
  • Good point!
  • I'm still wondering why this can't be added to 7.8. My 900 would love to share some screenshots.
  • Is it WP8 only? Sheesh, I'd love to have this on my 7.8 900 too. 
  • This...
    It's pretty dumb to not be able to do ihat.  it's Microsoft's Cut and Paste.
  • Thank you for making sense instead of jumping to conclusions ;-)
  • Requires dual core, duh. Lol jk. I'm hoping lots of those consumer features make it, especially that new custom IE button. I'd rather use tabs than Stop/Refresh.
  • Is it just me or did he seem to try and hide the screen as much as possible when navigating to screenshot roll?!
  • It isn't just u.
  • I noticed that too. Maybe he couldn't find it. Lol.
  • What the hell was wrong with one user's suggestion of including a camera icon under the switch-app multiscreens? Crazy that MS don't take this forum on board.
  • That just seems a bit sloppy to me. It seems far less annoying to me to just have to hit a couple dedicated buttons.
  • Actually I'm glad MS didn't listen to that suggestion. I prefer the power + Start combo.
  • Just seems a bit awkward to me using two hands tbh
  • I can see how that could be an inconvenience, but the Power + Start combination avoids the need of a switch-app screen. I mean, why would you need to go to a reduced switch-app screen to take a screenshot in the first place? Also, using the switch-app version with the camera icon, you wouldn't be able to take a screenshot of the lock screen like the guy in the demo did.
    Even though you need two hands, the Power+Start combination allows you to take a screenshot of what you're looking at that moment and you're just done.
  • Probably because the dedicated camera button can be pressed at any given time so adding the icon seems kind of redundant
  • Why are some of you complaining it should be other buttons to do it? Geez. Take it easy princesses.
  • Finally I'll be able to submit entries to DYAC. That'll help get the word out!
  • Fi na lly
  • Can you send/receive voice messages over Xbox live or change text alerts like ringtones?
  • No. 
  • Great questions
  • I hope so.
  • How about any type of flash support? I can use Quickbooks online or Facebook games on ios or droid?
  • No flash anymore. Android won't update it anymore too. Flash is dying while HTML5 is soaring.
  • Flash support for mobile phones is going away. Android is losing flash support. iOS and WP never had it. If Quickbooks were up with the times, they could make a HTML5/CSS3/JQuery page look and work exactly like the Flash version and far more efficient and compatible on every device out there.
  • Hahah I laugh at all those who studied flash design and will be discontinue. I was into flash design 5yrs ago and just gotten tired with all those updates and coding changes and to many click here click there. Glad I didn't continue has it total waste money. I see no more of job requirements of flash experience posted now. Just html 5 exp.
  • Flash for mobile is DEAD. Get over it.
  • I still want to know if there will be an fm-radio
  • Interesting. No FM radio is mentioned on the 920 specs.
  • Hmmm, interesting...needs follow up.
  • The Lumia 920 does not have an FM Radio.
  • All WP phones have FM Radio, its in the OS.
  • Don't mistake capability with availability.  The software component is there but make no mistake that an fm transmitter(hardware componenet) is required to even think about getting fm radio.  And with dwindling popularity for FM and increased interest and financial pursuit in digital transmission, not to mentioned the additional cost of adding an fm transmitter to a smartphone(which cost is a huge concern for pricing) expect increasingly less smartphones hitting the market with fm transmitters.
  • Has anyone actually confirmed that the screenshot functionality is not coming to 7.8? It seems pretty simple, but if it cannot happen, I'm hoping for an early upgrade option for early adopters.... ATT did this for the early iPhone users.
  • Early upgrade would be great, but I'm not holding out hope.
  • Not all WP7.8 or WP8 features have been revealed. You're going to have to wait. My guess is that the 7.8 features will be announced after WP8 is released.
    What do you consider an early upgrade? Do you have a Lumia 900 or something? When it comes to the iPhone, AT&T allows early upgrades to this day. I clicked on my upgrade eligibility of my Focus throughout the duration of my contract. After my first six months with the Focus, I could upgrade to an iPhone for a moderate upgrade fee. After a year, that upgrade fee was less. After 18 months, even less (at least for me).
  • I have actually not missed / needed on my phone. But now that it will be available, I will probably wonder how I lived without it. :-)
  • I've been clamoring for this feature for over a year. Really looking forward to it.
  • I hope we get this in 7.8.... 
  • OMG I can't wait to post my screen on FACEBOOK
  • Screen shots were highly requested? Not really exciting.
  • The article said they are placed in your camera roll. But the video showed them placed in their own Screenshots folder, so that's good.
  • I can't think of any uses for this at the moment, but it will be good to know that the option is available.
  • Finally!!! I've missed so many screenshots!