Sea of Thieves announces Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean crossover content

Sea Of Thieves Jack Sparrow
Sea Of Thieves Jack Sparrow (Image credit: Xbox (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • Rare has announced its first major collaboration for Sea of Thieves, and it comes from a very appropriate place.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean will be coming to the game on June 22 in A Pirate's Life.
  • The collaboration highlighted Captain Jack Sparrow, but will also include other characters like Davy Jones.

The Sea of Thieves are about to get a whole lot more magical. In a recent announcement at E3 2021, the team from Rare has revealed their plans to release a major content collaboration with Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, called A Pirate's Life. The pairing will be available to players on June 22.

While this pirate-sandbox title hasn't been shy when it comes to first-party Xbox game crossovers, this marks the announcement of the first licensed franchise outside of gaming to hit this ongoing title.

Not much is currently known about what this content collaboration will look like in Sea of Thieves, but it appears iconic characters like Davy Jones, Jack Sparrow, and many more will be making their debut. In the trailer, players see the Sea of Thieves gang rescuing Jack Sparrow from prison, which is how the movies begin. He even mentions the "Sea of Thieves" so you know it's legit.

This is absolutely exciting news for fans of Sea of Thieves, but should also serve as a great opportunity to introduce even more players to one of Xbox's most successful showcases of their commitment to games-as-as-service titles.

We'll keep a keen eye on the horizon and update fans as more details emerge. In the meantime, check out our thoughts on why there's never been a better time to try Sea of Thieves or try the game for yourself as one of the best games in Xbox Game Pass.

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