The team behind upcoming open world multiplayer adventure — and all around pirate simulator — Sea of Thieves hasn't been shy about giving fans an early look at the game's development. In its latest vidoc, the team dives into how Insiders involved in the game's Alpha play sessions have helped shape the game so far with their feedback. Check it out below:

Some of the areas where player feedback has had an immediate impact include things like frequency of encounters and the difficulty of NPC enemies. For example, after introducing new skeleton enemies in a recent test, player feedback led the team to tone down their spawn rates and difficulty. Player encounter rates were also given a boost with increased visibility on the horizon, allowing players to see other ships more easily. The team is also looking into improving communication between players based on voice chat feedback, including options for those who prefer non-verbal communication.

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Sea of Thieves is set to sail onto Xbox One and Windows 10 as a Play Anywhere game later in 2017. The game lets you work as part of a pirate crew as you hunt for treasure, sail your ship, and take on the dangers presented by the world and other players. The game is in the closed alpha testing phase for now, but you can sign up to be a Sea of Thieves Insider to get a chance to test it out ahead of release.