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What you need to know

  • Sea of Thieves added a Borderlands inspired ship set to the game today.
  • Players can unlock these limited rewards by completing in-game challenges.
  • The "Making Mayhem" event runs from Aug. 24 - Sept. 7.

Sea of Thieves is known for excellent crossovers with other beloved gaming franchises and iconic films like Pirates of the Caribbean. During the Xbox Gamescom 2021 stream, executive producer Joe Neate revealed that players could start unlocking a bold new ship set inspired by the mad world of Borderlands. Call your crew because starting today, you can begin completing in-game challenges to earn these rewards.

Not much is currently known about what the specifics of the "Making Mayhem" challenges entail. However, based on teases from the reveal trailer and additional details from Joe Neate, players can absolutely expect them to revolve around mayhem and destruction. Expect plenty of powder kegs, explosions, and skeletal carnage. Admittedly, this is very fitting for something ripped straight from Borderlands.

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Completing these chaotic challenges rewards players with an entire ship set so gorgeous that it would make even Handsome Jack blush. Borderlands' iconic red and yellow color scheme is dominantly displayed on the sails, hull, cannons, masts, and more. As an added treat, everyone's favorite obnoxious robot Claptrap stars as the distinct figurehead for this stunning cosmetic collection.

For players interested in unlocking the Mayhem Ship Set in Sea of Thieves, make sure to jump into the game between Aug. 24 - Sept. 7. If you haven't given this pirate-sandbox title a try but want to get your hands on this sweet Borderlands swag, you can experience one of the best games on Xbox Game Pass right now.

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