The second annual Microsoft Edge Web Summit is coming on April 4

Just a few days after Microsoft's Build 2016 developer conference, the company will be holding a smaller event in San Francisco on April 4 to focus on the Microsoft Edge web browser in Windows 10. That's the goal of the second annual Microsoft Edge Web Summit.

The first annual event was held before Windows 10 officially launched, so this year's summit could be much more interesting. Kyle Pflug, the program manager for Microsoft Edge, wrote:

Come learn what's under the hood of our newly open-sourced JavaScript engine, powerful techniques for building accessible sites, and what's on our roadmap for the year ahead – not to mention a few surprises! This is a unique opportunity to learn from the engineers who build Microsoft's browser and rendering engine, and for us to learn from you in breakout sessions, Q&As, workshops, and lots of opportunities to socialize! There's no better place to make your mark on the future of EdgeHTML.

More details on the event, which will be free to attend, will be revealed later this month, along with the actual registration page.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • When in India? :P
  • Meh :/
  • TPL or Edge is useless to Enterprise.
  • And to Consumers.
  • Yea, I love Windows 10, and enjoy it on mobile (although it doesn't seem a huge advance over 8.1), but Edge is hard to love right now.  I understand why they moved away from the legacy of IE, but Edge wasn't ready and still needs help. 
  • Whats wrong with it. I use it all day. Sure, getting a lastpass plugin would be neat, but I can live without it. Occasionally gets tabs in a mixup, but most of the time it works :/ Its also waaaayyyyy more performant for videos etc than Firefox. And whilst Chrome is decent, it eats memory. Its not as polished as it could be, but its also not that bad as to be unusable.
  • It is good only on high performance PCs, on my older PC it can't hold more than 3 new tabs before not responding. Also on a i5 laptop I counted all Edge processes and got almost 1GB out of 4 used. I had 72% memory usage which went to 50% after closing it.
  • Edge...I just don't get it. I've tried to like it, but IE is so much better. Edge has a long way to go to get even remotely close to the functionality of IE. So except for very basic web browsing, I'm not sure why anyone would use Edge.
  • Yet somehow they are having their second "summit" on this product, makes you wonder what they are going ot talk about...
  • I use it daily and like it a lot. I've used IE11 a lot in 8.1 and I know it has more features than Edge but Edge gets the job done well. Never had any problems with any site yet. Plus it works fast. MS has done a really good job. I don't know why anyone would use IE11 instead of Edge (apart from wanting to run java/ActiveX) in Win 10; IE11 is good but it's old now. Time to move on? Edge also has a better UI than IE.
  • Lol it is frustrating glad I have an ativ s(lte aws)
  • How hard was it to at least release Edge with the basic functionality of its predecessor? No download location choice or dialog, no TPLs, using an asinine AppData folder location for Favorites, etc. Edge is a disaster.
  • ^^^"No download location choice or dialog"
    Exactly!!! It's incredible how such a basic feature it's not present. I keep on using IE...
  • WhatsApp web. Still not supported.
  • Emulate Chrome on WhatsApp web to get it to work.
    Once you sign in using the qr code, you can turn off the emulation and it will still work.
    Press f12 > emulation > select google chrome in user agent string
  • There was an article looooong ago about Microsoft and WhatsApp working on it together. It should come soon enough
  • I didn't even know there was a first one haha
  • Hopefully they'll also discuss Edge for Windows10M. I find it extremely frustrating to use on my phone because it constantly will freeze and then refresh. I tried Surfy but that one will just crash and close for me.
  • I do like that no one in the comments has talked about the extensions. Quite surprising.