A new Minecraft video discusses how you can become a game developer

Some happy villagers
Some happy villagers (Image credit: Windows Central | Mojang Studios)

What you need to know

  • 'Secrets of Minecraft' is an ongoing YouTube series from Mojang Studios that discusses various parts of Minecraft.
  • The latest episode is now available, dubbed 'Secrets of Becoming a Game Developer,' and is an overview of the video game industry.
  • Mojang's hosts, Narrator and M.A.R.I.L.L.A., go over how you can become a game developer and potentially even work on Minecraft.
  • From using Minecraft: Education to diving into game modding, there are plenty of paths to becoming a game developer.

Minecraft is the largest game in the world, and as such is being built and improved upon by a dedicated team of hundreds at Mojang Studios. There are thousands of people around the world interested in getting to video game development, but entry into the industry can be daunting at times. In order to shed light on how to become a game developer, Mojang has dedicated the latest episode of the Secrets of Minecraft to the subject.

Mojang's humorous hosts bickered back and forth on various aspects of game development, including how people could eventually have a shot at working on Minecraft at Mojang. Getting started is simple, and comes down to taking the first steps to learn the basics of coding. Minecraft: Education Edition includes several lessons that go over coding and helps walk through the basics of programming logic and steps, for example.

Learning a programming language like C++ (used in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition) or Java (used in Minecraft: Java Edition) is also an important step. It's not important to be an expert right from the start, as you can use even basic knowledge to begin tinkering with things like game modding, which lets you earn experience and expertise.

Coding is becoming increasingly important in our ever-connected technology-driven world, and Mojang is seeking to eliminate some of the stigma associated with it in its latest YouTube video. If you're interested in getting into game development (or your child is), the above video is a decent overview of how to get started. One day, you could be helping to build one of the best Xbox games in the world, Minecraft.

Zachary Boddy
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