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See a video of Project Tripod, the upcoming app that will become the world’s virtual tripod

Way back in late June we showed you guys and gals the early work of an upcoming app for Windows Phone called Project Tripod. It’s an app that aims to eliminate the need for tripods with a unique social twist. Think of it as a virtual tripod. But if you’re having trouble imaging the app, there’s a video below of it in action. Let’s check it out.

Project Tripod comes to us from the land down under. It also happened to secure nearly $70,000 in funding from the App Campus program between Microsoft and Nokia. Think of it as a quick injection of cash to turn ideas into apps and services. Unlike traditional funding routes, neither Microsoft nor Nokia will take a stake in the company receiving funds. Instead, the company taking the money agrees to make their app exclusive to Windows Phone for 90 days before building on iOS or Android.

With that little background, here’s Project Tripod being demoed on stage at TechEd Australia.

Interested in being one of the first to play with Project Tripod? Follow the link below to sign up for their beta. Right now the team estimates that in 5 weeks they’ll be ready for the public beta, so you can pencil October the 18th as the tentative day to get your hands on it.

It will be available for Windows Phone 8, it will come to Android and iOS later. Unfortunately, due to technical restrictions there won’t be a Windows Phone 7.x version of Project Tripod.

That was a small sampling of the TechEd conference in Australia. You can watch the entire keynote on Channel 9.

Source: Project Tripod Beta

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  • ungmg shppot 7xx nao
  • Did you have a stroke?
  • I will if people keep saying that in a way not intended to be a joke.
  • ROTFL best comment I've seen today
  • I think I just had one
  • Video doesn't play on Lumia 920
  • Try again, looks good to me.
  • Don't work for me either if I use WP central app.
  • +920
  • Says title not found error thing. I'm on the app.
  • Working on my 920
  • Now it works :)
  • awesome :D signed up!
  • Anyone know what happened with the instance beta? Been a while since we've had an update...
  • Off topic, but I'll bite. There was an update two days ago... Also if the app crashes on launch after you update, do an uninstall / reinstall and it should be good to go. Now let's keep the comments on point, deal? :)
  • Where's your Bluetooth article?
  • Video not found.
  • Look harder.
  • we have to go deeper.
  • Keep pushing. Deeper. Harder.
  • That's pretty awesome, though what I'm wondering is if the images will be affected by different qualities. E.g. You see an amazing picture taken by a Lumia 1020 which looks abysmal when compared to one taken by an iPhone.
  • I don't understand from the video how this replaces a physical tripod.
  • Time lapse.
  • So it doesn't replace the function of holding up the phone somehow, does it? Sorry if this is a silly question, but there are so many times I wish I had a tripod so I could be in the pic as well.
  • LOL
    No, unfortunately this app doesn't activate levitation.
  • The Lumia 9999X has a levitator built in
  • No, it really doesn't have much to do with what most people use tripods for. Most people use tripods to steady their camera to prevent motion blur. This program has nothing to do with that.
    This seems to be a way to warp photos to correct for changes in perspective and focal length. You might use a tripod for this is you were taking a time lapse or something and didn't want the camera to move from shot-to-shot. But even then, you will still want to put your camera somewhere pointed in the right direction, so you would still use a tripod.
    This seems best for making comparisons (or timelapses) from images from all kinds of different sources. It is pretty neat, but it really won't replace any tripods :)
  • Great idea and awesome.
  • Don't see the point of Project Tripod. The video didn't sell me on it, either. Anyone got any idea why this is cool?
  • For some reason I saw the pic at the top and thought this had to do with Portal and turrets.  I have no idea how it would work on a phone, but I love Portal 2.
  • Works if you tell the app to open the browser
  • Why would you want to do this? Point missed entirely here.
  • I think its pretty cleaver. Can't wait to see the application of this.
  • Cool! would be even nicer if microsoft opened their thinktank and also added the image composer editor as welll to the mix. Then it would be a super tripod app!
  • I don't get how this is supposed to work. The point of a tripod is stability but if everyone is just holding their camera and getting blurry shots from movement, won't we just end up in a lot of blurry shots?
  • Sounds like a great idea specially knowing that almost every single big social-media website is now uses images and videos as they primary activity: Facebook is all about pictures, Badoo, Tumler, Instagram, Vine, MySpace, Youtube etc etc etc... Thats why I've bought 1020... great camera to support all this great social media with great pictures. And it's great to see more and more inovative photo-video based ideas out there. Keep it up guys