Seesmic shows off their Twitter app for Windows Phone 7

Here's a bit of surprise, Seesmic, developers of one of the most popular desktop Twitter clients, has just demoed their upcoming app for Windows Phone 7.

Now considered to be a launch-partner by Microsoft (see also Foursquare and Netflix), Seesmic's Twitter app look quite classy. In addition, they have a Sliverlight plugin-platform/SDK which will allow external applications easy integration e.g. Bing maps and encourages 3rd parties to interact with their program with ease. That means we should see tight integration with Seesmic and other apps like RSS readers to quickly share links; smart idea.

This will be the first Windows Phone client from Seesmic who already have ones for Android and Blackberry. Between Seesmic and Twikini, looks like early-adopters will have their Twitter needs covered by the best in the biz.

Edit: turns out this was actually posted two months ago and we missed it, so not exactly breaking but still it was news to us at least ;-)

Edit 2: Not for nothing, but our timing was good. Seesmic just announced the availability of Seesmic Desktop 2 (preview), now based guessed it Silverlight and featuring plugins for Foursquare, Buzz and Facebook.

[via Mashable]

Daniel Rubino

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  • It looks pretty good! But the post over at Mashable is over 2 Months old ;-)
  • Ha, true. Guess I don't remember seeing it covered anywhere, though perhaps it was and I missed it. Oh interwebs, you're a tricky one sometimes.
  • Not a big fan of twitter but this looks like an awesome app for twitter.
  • Simply awesome. Four tweets per page. Really really well thought out. 4. Ideal for people that follow one quiet person. Because you can see 4. 800 pixels tall for 4 tweets. Windows Mobile 7 apps are all seeming to be like this. Totally form over function.
  • That does seem to be a consistent problems with the demo Twitter apps on WP7. Hopefully someone will figure out how to break the mold, but my bet is there are font limits for developers to work with and they can't shrink 'em too small and still be legible. Although in fairness, in Twikini right now I see 6 tweets per page, not exactly a huge decrease either.
  • On my Touch Diamond 2 I only see 3 tweets and the resolution is the same as WinPho7. So 4 is better then 3.
  • Sorry meant to mention that I am using sense 2.5
  • Using dabr I can see about 12. Kinoma gave me 7 and that's without high res support (when it's not crashing every 5 seconds). To be fair Sense is form over function too.
    The fact that winmo can't get Twitter clients right is one thing pushing me to Android.
  • kinoma crashes on you? .... wow that is odd... i have been using kinoma for at least a year and dont' think it has ever crashed on me, specially with the twitter app (which is great) or the facebook app (sucks!)
  • The app looks nice and the features are also impressive.I m not a big fan of Twitter but this app is good for people who like to do tweets all the time.