Stream Netflix movies on Windows Phone 7 Series

LAS VEGAS -- Carriers everywhere must be shaking in their boots at this one, as Microsoft just showed off live Netflix streaming on Windows Phone 7 at MIX10.

Live. Movies. Streamed. On Netflix. On your phone.

You can also browse the Netflix catalog and manage your queue, but being able to actually choose and watch movies on your Windows Phone is a serious game-changer. Seriously.

Phil Nickinson

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  • saweeeeeeeeeeetness!
  • That is totally awesome. Sign me up!
  • I never thought I'd willingly bail on SERO, but when these devices finally come out I'm going to be all over it. I already use the Netflix streaming service on the Xbox almost nightly. Not to mention the Xbox for games itself. So this is pretty much my dream device coming down the pike.
  • And now we see why the carriers will change to tiered data plans...
  • Tiered data plans are inevitable. Why should someone downloading 100MB a month pay as much as someone downloading 10GB a month?
  • If only I believed that prices will actually go down for some when tiered plans go into effect. . . .
  • I was going to jump from winmo to android, but this may make me think twice about the jump... Wow, that is crazy. It would really depend on the data plans though as I hate how high cell bills are at this point anyway.
  • I was watching the WP7 Developer Panel and they said the Netflix application was only a demo designed for to show an examples of possible future application development and wasn't intended to announce anything. So, no Netflix streaming isn't coming to Windows Phone 7... not yet anyway.
  • If they choose to allow this, I too would consider moving away from my SERO-like plan for this device. I hope they're going to release Zune software for the Mac or that there's a third party alternative for syncing music, podcasts, etc. I wonder if they could require users to be on a wifi connection or the most expensive data tier?
  • How much competition will Windows 7 Series cell phone be for iPhone? It was a trending topic all day on Twitter
  • Hmm.. That's pretty awesome! I use Netflix streaming(Silverlight) all the time to watch the best show ever Spartacus. That is a bad ass app, I hope they keep goodies like this coming!