Seesmic was one of the top Twitter apps in the Marketplace for Windows Phone 7, until a little app called Beezz showed up. Still, many prefer Seesmic's UI and general behavior but the company has been pretty quiet on any updates as of late.

The current version is 1.2 and we imagine what their blog is referring to is a yet-unpublished v1.3. If that's the case, here are the folloiwng improvements we can expect:

  • Timelines are now cached for increased loading speed
  • Speed and scrolling improvements, everywhere in the app
  • Display of private and verified Twitter accounts
  • Added animations and transitions
  • Bug fixes

Speed is good. Still, while Seesmic does support multiple Twitter accounts, something currently Beezz is lacking, the missing ability of push notifications is still quite significant. C'mon Seesmic, it's been a few months already--we'll all pay the $0.99 for the push-privilege, it's no biggy.

Source: Seesmic Blog