To revisit that old controversy, microSD cards and Windows Phone 7, it looks like manufacturer PNY has entered the arena, claiming that there new microSD cards are "Now compatible with Windows Phone 7 smartphones". Of course, we've seen this before, so lets just hope this time PNY have their act together, unlike Sandisk.

The cards come in 8 and 16GB class 4 flavors with no 32GB yet available. Better yet, you can reportedly pick them up right at your local Best Buy. So, who's going to give it a shot?

Edit: Talk about misleading. PNY may be claiming the movie service, not the "microSD card for cellphones" is compatible. with Windows Phone 7. Although user reports suggest that PNY do work well with WP7, it looks like this is still a grey area for now.

Big thanks to Jordan M. for the info and pic!