Select Xbox Insiders get 'Surprise me!' button and menu tweaks on Xbox One

Xbox One S
Xbox One S (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft keeps on refining the Xbox One software.
  • Select Xbox Insiders will get new features in April.
  • Tweaks like the "Surprise me!" button and other features are coming soon.
  • It's unclear when these changes will be available to the public.

Today, Microsoft revealed the changes it's bringing to the Xbox One experience in April's update. These changes will be available to select Xbox Insiders in the 2004 system update. You can take a look at the major changes below. You can also read more about them on Xbox Wire.

  • The guide is the heart of navigation on Xbox One, and Microsoft wants to deliver an experience that makes it easier to find the features you need during gameplay. With this week's update, the team's experimenting with a streamlined user interface.
  • With the... update, they're bringing you more ways to explore and manage your games faster. They've moved the 'Storage Management' page into 'My games & apps' and gave it a small visual update.
  • The 'Surprise me!' button is back and it tells you a random game to play.
  • They've once again made improvements to your Mixer viewing experience on Xbox One. You can now see emotes and subscriber badges in chat, while your 'Ember messages' will also get the flare they deserve, with special styling to help them stand out.

While these aren't revolutionary features, they should make the Xbox One experience that much better. Hopefully, the Xbox Series X will prioritize speed above all else.

Asher Madan

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