Sennheiser's new GSP 600 headset aims to feel as good as it sounds

Gaming peripherals are a dime a dozen at CES 2018, but Sennheiser is hoping to stand out from the crowd with its latest headset, the GSP 600. A successor to Sennheiser's Game Zero, the GSP 600 is meant to improve on its predecessor across the board.

Says Sennheiser:

No matter how long the gaming session and no matter how intense the action gets, the GSP 600 lets you keep cool and in control. It features a range of ergonomic enhancements that include an all-new ear pad design, an innovative adjustable headband to customize contact pressure, new materials and an advanced hinge system for a better fit.

Sennheiser says the new design should help to improve noise insulation and comfort by using the memory foam pads to more effectively isolate your ears from the outside world. A new speaker system is on board as well, with aluminum voice coil speakers that Sennheiser claims will strike a nice balance between your bass, mids, and highs. That's in addition to a boom mic that can be muted in an instant by flipping it up and out of the way.

In our review of the Game Zero, we found it to be very comfortable, but the sound quality was lacking. If Sennheiser has succeeded in ramping up the sound quality on the GSP 600, then it could be a solid option if you're in the market for a new headset for your PC or console. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny, however: the GSP 600 will fetch $249 when it's available at the end of January. If you're looking to save some change, however, the older Game Zero is currently available at a discounted $189 at Amazon.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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