Sense UI on the WinMo HTC Vogue

Here's a video of the Sense UI stripped out of the Android-based HTC Hero and slapped into the HTC Vogue, the stalwart Windows Mobile device.

Yeah, it's running on Android within Linux on top of Windows Mobile, so it's not you're really running Sense on top of Windows Mobile, like TouchFLO 3D does now. But it is pretty darn cool, and it works pretty well. (What you see here, apparently, is an early build, and things have gotten snappier.) It also has the hooks for basic phone devices. And as Rory mentions in the video, it's more proof-of-concept than actually everyday workhorse.

Keep an eye on the project homepage if this is your cup of tea.

This Mobile Life via Pocketnow

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  • Clean! I'm glad to see this working as much as it is. Once the Sprint Hero is released I'm more than sure it will be ported to the Diamond/Touch Pro/Touch Pro 2 CDMA phones.
  • Not sure this is a good demo of what Sense UI will look like on Windows phone. Many of the things he's demonstrating are very Android specific - even with the Sense UI. For example, dragging the folder to the bottom to get rid of it is a function of Android, not Sense UI. Most of the cool stuff is Sense UI enhancing Android built-in functions. I'd be curious to see how it enhances WinMo 6.5. I'm not sold on this because it is so Android specific (in the interest of full disclosure, I'm an Android-boy but a phone-freak first)
  • The Android builds do not run on top of windows mobile, once you use haret to boot linux, windows mobile is completely gone which is nothing like TouchFlo3D.
    The only way to get back to Windows Mobile is to reset your phone. These builds are running Android totally, the main difference though is that it runs off your SD card and not the phone's memory which is being worked on.
  • Genius of the Crowd is correct, basically an Andriod/Sense image is loaded and run off the SD card. The Vogue's firmware remains intact; pull the SD card and reboot and your back in WM business. The main performance hit is the SD card R/W speed. It's cool that they can do this, a tip of the hat to the portability afforded by the ARM architecture.
  • if u still have the system.img and the zImage could u email them to me.or send me a link were i can find them. thanks if u can
  • hey could u post those files on something.because i know the website i use it alot and i doesn;t have those files anymore.
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