The sequel to the popular Dhoom:3 The Game is here… time for the Jet Speed!

Dhoom:3 The Game was launched last year around the time of Dhoom:3 release, the third movie in the popular Bollywood franchise. The endless runner game involved a thrilling high speed bike race through the streets of Chicago where the movie was set.

The Game became quite popular, and crossed the 1 million downloads mark on the Windows Phone Store in quick time becoming the first app/game from India to do so. The game saw over 12 million downloads worldwide across platforms. 99games, the publisher of the game, and Yash Raj Films, the producer of the movie, have got together again to bring a sequel to the blockbuster game – Dhoom:3 Jet Speed.

Dhoom 3: Jet Speed

Borrowing a scene from the movie, where the anti-hero is chased by two cops in a Chicago river on Aqua jets, the second game in the series is an endless runner as well as a racing game. Of course, you need to watch out for traffic and obstacles that litter the river and use Power-Ups to gain an edge over your pursuers. Like the previous game, the graphics are pretty good and the simulated water and race visuals are immersive.

The game features three fast paced racing modes - Endless Mode to aim for the highest score, Challenge Mode to beat a friend, and an Escape Mode to race against the clock. It offers the option to choose between tilt or tap controls, and also configure the accelerometer sensitivity, so you can ride and control the aqua jet nicely.

Dhoom 3: Jet Speed

You can upgrade your Aqua Jets to make them more durable and survive collisions better. Also, as you race through the game, you can see yourself rising up the leaderboards.

Download the Dhoom:3 Jet Speed game for free for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store (opens in new tab). The game launch is timed along with the television premier of the movie, and you can find Sony Television branding within the game. It's a fine game and with great graphics and exciting gameplay, and there's no reason you shouldn't give it a whirl. Jet, set, go… Dhoom machale!

QR: Dhoom 3: Jet Speed

Abhishek Baxi
  • Boring stuff.
  • The movie was bad, I don't expect much from the game either.
  • 512 RAM?
  • Yes, it does
  • The Movie was so pathetic that I avoided downloading that game. Have to see whether this game is not-so pathetic or not..
  • Don't know about movie, but games looks quite boring won't install.
  • 512MB RAM support?
  • Yes
  • Must mean its a crappy game if its released with 512mb support, all the good ones don't...a skip for for me :)
  • Haha
  • The first and neither the second is available here in Brazil. :(
  • Change your region to India!!
  • The good thing is,as far as I know, these are WP exclusive games!!
  • Exactly :)
  • No. It is available on Android & iOS too..
  • Then I think the earlier version was initially launched on WP and later on other platforms
  • It was launched exclusively for WP first . Only after 2-3 months they released it for android and ios
  • It's impressive the game is only 25MB but yet delivers decent graphics.
  • Yeah, as compared to its small size
  • I installed it and i was disappointed. 4 fps on L820 and race even not start, really?
  • mine on L620 can play it smoothly, just talking about controls... it's nearly uncontrollable, even on the lowest sensitivity settings...
  • Abhishek..bro... Please..!!
  • Off topic..abhishek any idea about mindicator update???is there going to be one in coming days or should the people give up on that app??
  • Played it for a bit and this is what I have to say.
    Impressive download size and visual fidelity considering.
    Terribly boring gameplay & horrific physics and controls. Uninstalled
  • \Long Live India
  • Horrible game o.O!