Nope, you’re not alone if you’re seeing Windows Phone Store errors. After hearing that the HERE Drive+ was updated, we tried to download the latest Nokia innovation only to be met with a download glitch on our Lumia 920. Same on the Lumia 928. And soft-resetting has no effect either.

We then jumped to our inbox and sure enough, quite a few of you are reporting to us that you are seeing c101b000 error messages when trying to download apps.

For service status updates, all we see is an error signing into Outlook and an ESPN error for Xbox (now fixed), but nothing Windows Phone specific. However, it may be that the Outlook sign-in problem is the culprit here.

We’ll update the post accordingly. For now, our advice is to just sit back and wait until Microsoft sorts it out. No word on if this is region specific, but it looks like a few of you are US based.

Update 12PM ET - Our downloads are now working again, so you may want to check the Store now

Update 2pm ET - Many of you are still having issues. Microsoft has now recognized the problem and said they are working on it