Seven things to know about the Microsoft Lumia 435

Some quick pointers on Microsoft's newest budget Lumia

While the Lumia 435 isn't the new Windows Phone for some, it's still an important device for Microsoft. With the success of the Lumia 520 being proof enough that there's plenty of device sales to be had at the low end, the Lumia 435 is right in that area of the market.

If it's priced right, the Lumia 435 has real potential to capture the first-time smartphone buyer, those new to Windows Phone or just someone looking for a good phone without breaking the bank.

Whatever your take, here's seven quick things you need to know.

The Lumia 435 has 1GB of RAM

Lumia 435

This is important for a number of reasons, not least app support. While better than ever, there are still some apps out there in the Windows Phone Store that just don't support devices with 512MB of RAM. The 435 has 1GB, so this removes that issue. Windows Phone is still a really slick experience on 512MB devices, but more sometimes is better.

It's basically the same as the Lumia 532

Lumia 435

The Lumia 435 was announced alongside the Lumia 532, and here's where the confusion comes in. They're basically the same phone. They look the same, they're the same size and they've got largely the same specs. The differences come in areas that aren't user facing. The Lumia 532 has a quad-core CPU to the dual-core in the 435 and it has a 5MP camera compared to 2MP.

That aside, the two are virtually the same. They may not go on sale in the same markets as each other, which would at least help someone who wants to buy one. But Microsoft isn't really helping when it comes to confusing names for its phones.

There's a removable battery

Lumia 435

For some people a removable battery is an absolute must. Some of the more expensive Lumia devices like the 930 don't have removable batteries. For heavy users that means having to carry around a USB battery pack. Not so with the Lumia 435, however. The battery is pretty small at 1560mAh, but it pops out, meaning you can carry a spare or two in your pocket to get through even the toughest of days.

Denim for all

Lumia 435

If you've been floating around the Windows Central homepage of late you'll have seen a lot of talk about Lumia Denim. This is Microsoft's latest and greatest firmware for the Lumia phones – which is separate to the OS despite many older phones receiving Denim and an OS update at the same time.

While Denim on lower end phones such as the Lumia 435 lacks some of the hot features like Lumia Camera 5, launching a new phone on the latest and greatest is important.

  • Lumia Denim - Everything you need to know

Check your frequencies

Lumia 435

For now, the dual-SIM version of the Lumia 435 is the one you'll most likely see. But it's also not officially launched at the time of writing in several markets which includes countries in Europe and North America. As such you might encounter some wonkyness when using one on your local carrier.

The best thing to do is make sure you check out the supported frequency bands (opens in new tab) the Lumia 435 supports and compare them to those your carrier operates on. If it won't play nice with your carrier's data signal it's going to become largely useless. So exercise caution.

It will take a 128GB microSD card

128GB microSD card

While they're still pretty expensive, the Lumia 435 is perfectly capable of supporting a 128GB microSD card to expand your total storage. The 8GB you get provided with internally (which is actually less than 8GB thanks to system files and what not) will soon fill up, particularly if you're offlining music and movies to watch on your phone.

With a 128GB microSD card inside, your Lumia 435 can boast more total available storage than Apple's most expensive iPhone.

Windows 10 ready

Windows 10

It's being thrown about a lot at the moment, but Microsoft has been working hard to make sure that all its current Lumia phones will run Windows 10 when it launches later in 2015. While not supported for the initial preview releases, the Lumia 435 will certainly be capable of a good experience with Windows 10 when the public release comes around.

If you want to see more on the Microsoft Lumia 435, check out our hands-on and first impressions here and our dedicated page here

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Pretty awesome only the drawback is 2MP camera.. Sigghh..
  • Well for a verrrrrrryyyyyyyyy decent price making points on ohh what a small camera.!! well I know there are many competitors with bigger camera but the quality is what makes it despite bring of smaller size :)
  • It's pretty normal, because this phone is mostly targeting Facebook, WhatsApp and candy crush saga type users.
  • I bet L435, L532, L535 dnt have As good display as L520.
  • Well it's not like the 520 has a fantastic display either, so...
  • I actually find 535's display to be better than 520 ..
    Although I guess its because of a brighter screen for 535 ..
  • @Udit, i dnt think so... The display is Much Black in L520 which provides Vivid colors representation h Good Contrast...
  • Also u can chk both phone's display by holding them side by side, u'll experience the crisp of L520's display.
  • Readability in sunlight on the 520 is VERY low, even on the highest brightness setting.
  • Nobody will buy it...its better to go for mid range which work like the way ordinary lumias work (without "resuming for decades")...better to go for works so fast
  • I will buy it
  • Just because you won't doesn't mean nobody wouldn't too
  • Believe its better to buy a mid range to high range lumias than low end lumias....they suck at performance.....i love phones like 730
  • Most people in your country live in poverty
    Have some sense
  • Well said.
  • Personally I find mid-range devices pointless. Low end devices(4-6 series) fills the market which is huge for first time buyers and those who are on a budget. For those who want something better the gap in pricing is not wide enough to justify buying a midrange device over a high end device. I've owned several, 520/900/920/928/930/1020/1520, never needed a midrange.
  • You have a bigger budget than most. 
  • You aren't the only one in the world you know.
  • Mister ugly name, believe me they will.
  • Am from Telugu community... My name has lot more meaning than yours....
  • What great sense does your name make you racist asshole.
  • Lots of people will buy it. The most sold Lumias are all low-end.
  • Well the most Lumias are low end. I hope they clear up the range. There are simple to many phones right now
  • Actually, before the x30 series there was basically only the 520 that was low end (people didn't seem to bother with the 62x). So even when there was just one low end phone it dominated the Windows Phone market. THAT is why there is so many in the range now.   Plus, the range is only confusing because of the Microsoft/Nokia acquisition. By the time Windows Phone comes out I'd only expect a 440, 540, 640, 740, etc. If they make a 645 it will be because of 4G/Dual-SIM and not different features. They won't have 3 53x phones.
  • Actually my father is planning to buy it because he really likes my Lumia 730 and he says he would like to have a budget dual sim Lumia. So it's just a matter of preferences.
  • LOL. Gotta love these "nobody" and "everybody" type comments. Especially since everybody :P bought the 520.
  • But I bought 830 :/
  • +520. The 520 is still a great device. My in laws use 520's and works great for them. I switched to the 635, for the larger screen and clearblack display.
  • Seems to be their Asha replacement. Despite pushing out a lot of low-ends, instead of flagships, this might still sell. :-) Windows Central App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • These low end phones...
  • ...Sell more than the higher end phones.
  • Lol
  • Yet the profit margin is lower :(
  • But it increases Marketshare & with Carrier Billing, it will increase the revenue of the Windows store.
  • If you attract people to Windows Phone with a cheap phone, chances are some of them will then upgrade to a more expensive phone with a greater profit margin. 
  • Like me planning to go for next mid to high range phone when my Lumia 525 ages
  • Good one rzkwp8.
  • So will this 'things to know about Lumia XYZ' be a regular thing now? First 535, then 435. Keep it up! :)
  • Next will be 335, 235 then 135
  • What about a 3-inch 256MB Lumia 035?
  • Absolutely :) While reviewing a phone is still important, some people like to have some quick fire pointers, too
  • Soon Microsoft will announce Lumia -235 xD
  • With a 2 inch screen lol
  • And with a 0.5 mp camera lol
  • Nice :)
  • As 435 is numerically smaller than 532, I don't find this kind of naming confusing
  • So say you see them both side by side in the store? They both look the same. Then what?
  • Also, how much of a difference does quad core make?
  • All the difference in the world.
  • In marketing
  • As long as someone who put the tag for the phones does his/her job, there's no reason to be confused
    Side by side WITHOUT any clue to what model it is, now that's confusing
    But definitely not confused about the name, right?
  • I can name most, if not all Lumia models from Windows Phone 7 to the most recent devices, not counting 4G or slight upgrades variants (520/521/525 or 630/635), but 435 and 532 are the two exceptions. They should be 432/435 or 435/436. Looks like MS is lazy in naming.
  • What would a name fix about that? If it was 430 and 435 it would be just as confusing. 
  • It's not confusing. A Lumia xx5 was always, until Microsoft replaced Nokia, a slight upgrade from a Lumia xx0. Example: 520/525, 920/925 or 630/635. 530/535 were an exception (it's Microsoft). The 435 and 532 would better be 430 and 435.
  • Richard, do we have any information / evidence that the quad core of the 532 will perform better than the dual core of the 435? Agree naming is confusing, but personally the small price difference may make the 532 the smarter purchase in terms of overall day to day phone functionality. Thank you.
  • Personally I love this phone. It's low end, it's 1 GB, with FFC, and cheaper than the 520 ever was! The camera could have been better, but it is still a great buy!
  • Of course people will buy it. I think in India it may sell better than 535 did initially since it had screen issues and Indians are pretty up to date with all these news plus 435 will still be cheaper and will give the same experience, maybe even tiny bit faster and more responsive thanks to smaller screen (less pressure on the low-end processor) ;)
  • Hoping to but it.......nice
  • I'm really envious of that MS logo. Currently using a L730, is there a way to change the boot logo to MS one instead of Nokia?
  • Nokia looks nicer
  • I'd love that... Also, I really want a phone with the Microsoft logo on it (Has to be at least mid-range though, so these aren't for me).
  • I'm sure win10 will take care of that
  • This is the emerging market phone without LTE, right? Meh. If it makes it Stateside, this is the type of phone ('burners', see HBO's 'The Wire') that they offer in blister packages in bodegas.
  • The price point on this thing can't be any higher than $50 right out of the gate, especially since you can waltz into Wal-Mart (in my town, anyway) or head to Amazon and snatch the 635 for that price. Something in the $30-40 would be even better, but is it feasible?
  • I just bought one yesterday (here in India) as a secondary phone to my L925. Will load W10 preview if and when that comes. The battery just died after a full day of installing apps, music and back up settings and contacts from my 925, downloading and playing games, etc. So the first battery cycle suggests good battery life. It is snappier than my old 520 for sure but isn't totally fluid as such with stuttering animations on the home screen now and then. Overall, decent kit for the price, barring that sorry excuse of a camera sensor.
  • All this low end shit is fine, but the high end is what drives conversions. Microsoft should realise by now they need at the bare minimum a flagship 940, flagship 1040 same as 940 plus awesome camera, and flagship 1540 large screen 1040 same camera no bulge because extra capacity battery.
  • I seriously hate how my 1520 can't take a micro SD card that big, but oh well.
  • ​It will work with no issues.
  • Windows 10 ready??? Aaargh...
  • Every phone running Windows Phone 8.1 is Windows 10 ready. Kind of?
  • Price of 435 is greater than 530 on flipkart. Even though the camera on 435 is 2.0 mp.
  • The 435, 532 & 535 will definitely increase Windows' marketshare... A Triple Threat ... The more they sell, the better.
  • and ultimately, that's the plan. Just sell as many as possible. Get people onto onedrive, windows store, etc... and then when higher end W10 phones are available in 12 months time, hope they migrate to those.
  • Yep, they are in it for the long term
  • It has glance screen, I'm jealous of that, my L735 doesn't have that
  • The 532 has it i think not the 435
  • Now, it's time for the 3xx series.... Seriously! It's coming.... I think. I definitely see what MS's plan is, and they can go as low as a 1xx, maybe even lower.....
    Eventually MS plans to get all the people who are using feature phones to use WP... Pretty smart way to increase market share.... If you can't switch them, then upgrade them.
  • I think they will launch two phones at MWC 1330 and a thinner version of 830. Maybe 835.
  • 830 is pretty thin already.
  • I bet we see a 3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.... Lol. Just wait.
  • My mom will like it
  • ...
  • Yeah even I miss the glance screen alt
  • How much in India
  • I am planning for purchase low budget mobile b'coz I am already use Lumia 1520
  • WP should be come in 2000 ₹
  • Its a Golden Opportunity to capture market again
  • I hate Samsung
  • I am very happy. With my device Lumia 1520
  • Obscene. Where is the HD video camera, and why not release this with Windows 10 later on this year instead of rushing to production in the middle of a paradigm shift for the WP ecosystem?
  • HD camera? It's called low end. I'm sure there will be plenty of new phones with Windows 10. They could even rerelease the phones with 10 if they want to.
  • This should target that very big market of developing countries.
  • Hey Daniel does it work on att?
  • Never had to carry extra batteries with me.. Just charge the phone when it needs to be charged.. Or have a battery kit on the ready for when it's needed. I love how solid my 930 feels.
  • One difference between the 435 and 532 that's not mentioned here is that lumia 532 has glance screen. For me that thing alone makes the 532 a much better buy.
  • Does the Lumia 532 work for T Mobile's 3G or 4G network?
  • The 435 looks like a good first step as an upgrade to the 520. Some of us actually just use our phones as communication devices and we literally hate how large phones have gotten. I've never been able to figure out why the manufacturers believe that anyone who wants a smaller phone wants a crippled piece of crap. Ergonomically the 520 is a great phone. I really appreciate the design and feel of the case. It needs a better camera with a flash and a little more horsepower would be nice. The lower resolution screen is perfectly adequate for text and email and probably helps with battery life. Also the Skype app sucks. Hard to believe that Skype which is owned by Microsoft is so poorly integrated into WP8.1. I really hope the 435 comes to an AT&T store near me soon.