Shed a little light on things with Flashlight 7, now updated for Windows Phone 8

Flashlight 7 is a handy Windows Phone app that has been recently updated to Windows Phone 8. Flashlight 7 not only turns your Windows Phone screen into a flashlight but also utilizes the camera LED light to chase away the shadows.

The update, version 4.9, adds SOS LED support to the mix along with your standard flashlight feature using the LED or screen, a siren mode, a few color lights, the strobe light, a few mood lights, a kaleidoscope and a hypnosis screen. Some of the different light styles have directional arrows that pull up variations of the effects.

Flashlight 7

For example the arrows on the strobe light cycle through the various colored strobe lights available. Brightness for the lights can be adjusted by swiping up or down on the screen and you can turn off the lock screen in Flashlight 7's settings.

Flashlight 7 is a handy little app for your Windows Phone. We like it because not only can you use the screen to light things up but you can also be more discrete and just use the camera LED.

Flashlight 7 is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can snatch it up here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Flashlight 7

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  • Is this better than flashlight-x?
  • Personally I think Flashlight X is the worst of the flashlights that use the camera flash. I was so happy to finally replace it with Flashlight XT.
  • I just uninstalled flashlight x and got xt. SO MUCH BETTER!! Thank you.
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  • What's better...?
  • Just installed it myself, XT starts up much faster.
  • same here. +1
  • +1 for FLashlight XT  It's an easily the best
  • Never understood these flashy-screen flashlight apps. The useful function is the LED flashlight, the random patterns on-screen seem like a novelty that got tossed in as extra "value". Also, the UIs for showing and selecting the patterns are always ugly.
  • For the most part it is just a novelty, but it does become helpful when you in a crowd of people and someone is looking for you. Tell them to look for the screen and then hold the phone up high.
  • Or use flashlight xt, simple, to the point, its a million times better
  • +1. Flashlight XT is the best basic flashlight app for WP. Used it for a day, immediatelly uninstalled flashlight-x.
  • Completely agree. Brilliantly simple app.
  • I kept both just in case I need the SOS flash from X... but I use XT as the main flashlight.
  • I did the same thing!
  • I use そーなのかー cause it launches freaking fast, but yeah, Flashlight XT is almost as fast.
  • Agreed. It goes perfectly with WP.
  • wow.  no joke.  sorry super flashy screen thingy headlining the article - flashlight XT is where it's at.  even thinking of abandoning my old favorite - Flashlight-X
  • Yes Flashlight XT is much, much better than Flashlight X. Is it me or was Flashlight X just buggy?
  • I use the HTC flashlight app, but I would use flashlight xt if I had a different device.
  • Yeah I missed the HTC flashlight.
  • How does this compare to Lumos? That's my go to flashlight app
  • The LED turns off when turn the screen off in Lumos (I know there's an option to keep the screen on, but what if I want the screen off?). In Flashlight XT, you can turn the screen off and it still works right under the lock screen..
  • [deleted]