Windows Mixed Reality has shaped into a promising aspect of Windows 10, with a range of headsets and accompanying software supporting the platform. Following its PC debut last year, Microsoft is expanding the platform's feature set in pursuit of new audiences going forward.

While its Mixed Reality efforts haven't gone unnoticed, an absence on Xbox One excludes a sizeable userbase of gamers eager to try the technology. Despite being built to accommodate VR, the Xbox One X still doesn't support it – with HoloLens creator and Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman indicating support will come once wireless solutions hit the market.

One Windows Central community member took to our forums, asking if and when Microsoft plans to bring the technology to the console.


Is it ever going to happen? Early last year everyone was saying that it was coming sometime in 2018 but pretty much all of those articles are over a year old and that doesn't seem to be anything else. Has ANYONE heard something that I might have missed?


As always, we want to hear your thoughts on the topic. Should Mixed Reality still arrive on Xbox One? If so, when do you expect the shift to happen? Let us know what you think in the forum thread linked below.