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Is Silverlight Ready for Windows Mobile?

Turns out Silverlight (opens in new tab) might be just around the corner. As we've discussed here before, Silverlight is sort of super-flash-replacement available as a plugin for most browsers on several platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and very soon: Windows Mobile and even ...Nokia?

Silverlight allows designers and developers to produce rich web applications. Now we can expect those same applications on our mobile phones. Microsoft has just signed a deal with Nokia which will bring Silverlight to millions of mobile phones. And yes, in case you were worried, it's definitely coming to Windows Mobile too, in short order - check out this neat demo (opens in new tab) that we mentioned in May of last year to get a feel for what we mean by "rich web applications."

(Update: Looks like the video of the baseball demo has been taken down. Searching for a copy now)

This will bring heavy competition to Adobe

WC Staff
WC Staff
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  • In the linked story, there is no demo video.
  • hm. I thought I had embedded the original youtube video in that story, updated with the link from the linked story. wokka wokka wokka!
  • Blargle. That's what I get for messing with Nick's first post and adding a link, right? Sorry everybody, I'm looking for a copy of that baseball video now, it really is cool.