Simple Calendar gets new features in latest update, making it more elegant than ever

One of our top calendar apps for Windows Phone 8 would be the aptly name Simple Calendar. The replacement scheduler app has one of the nicest looking Live Tiles that we’ve come across and the unpretentious UI makes using it a breeze to operate.

Version 2.4 just went live in the Store and it finally brings small and medium versions of the Gob and Frodo themed tiles, allowing you to customize the look even more. While version 2.4 isn’t a major overhaul, it does bring with it a lot of small but tremendously useful additions.

Simple Calendar version 2.4

  • Option to pick which day the week starts on in month view
  • New Frodo and Gob small and medium live tiles
  • Added help/faq page
  • Added "use it now" button on the buy features page
  • Default wide Frodo and Gob tiles to use light font on day of week and day of month, provide option to revert back to bold font

Simple Calendar is a free app in its basic form, though users can optionally exercise an in-app purchase to remove ads and unlock the Gob or Frodo skins (our personal favorite is Gob). Simple Calendar also has a super useful lockscreen feature where it can show up to six of your next appoints in an overlay at the top of the screen.

The app integrates with the built in calendar of Windows Phone, so you won’t need to login or sync anything. New appointments can be created, however to edit them you will need to open the native app. While perhaps not for the poweruser out there who needs every bell and whistle, for the casual to advanced user who wants to spice up the native calendar app, Simple Calendar is certainly worth a look. It’s currently our go-to app.

Pick up version 2.4.1 of Simple Calendar here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only.

Daniel Rubino

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