Grab your helmet and prepare your tricks as Skateboard Party 2 launches on Windows Phone 8

Love skateboarding? Even if you don't (or are unable to) participate in the sport, you can enjoy yourself on your Windows Phone with Skateboard Party 2 from Ratrod Studio. This is a brand new skateboarding game with gorgeous graphics, addictive gameplay and a lot to offer those who skate for real. Even better? It's co-launching on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

If you find yourself sat in the daily commute (or anywhere else for that matter) with a handful of minutes to spare, you'll want to grind on past the break to see what this new, hip game is all about. 

Enabling players to skate in eight unique locations, Skateboard Party 2 brings variety to the table, whether it be customising the boards, trucks or even wheels with real and trusted brands. You'll find yourself practicing some sick moves and landing those awe-inspiring combos that you could only dream of completing on a real skateboard - unless you're a professional skateboard with a Windows Phone, of course.

There are 9 characters to choose from, each can be customised to your heart's content with the above board options and favourite gear. A free skate mode is present just in case you wish to remove the time constraints and just enjoy the air flow through your hands as you ride along the environment pulling off new stunts and mastering your skills.

Don't worry if you prefer skateboarding with others as this game will also enable you to go up against mates in the new multiplayer mode, but you can also challenge skaters from all over the world using online leaderboards - who doesn't want to be at the top? Although this isn't an Xbox Live title, there are achievements included, as well as the ability to gain experience and upgrade your favourite character.

The controls are fairly easy to get used to and Skateboard Party 2 lets you customise the controls to best fit your playstyle. With over 40 unique tricks that can be worked into hundreds of combinations, there are many hours to be poured into this game. Experience gained from play can be used to upgrade your skater's attributes and you won't mind any grinding with the selection of music available.

You can download Skateboard Party 2 from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 (Windows Phone 8 only - 343MB - no free trial, but we highly recommend the download). There are optional in-app purchases available for you to increase your level of experience points. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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