Sky Italy working on an app for Windows Phone; UK branch to follow?

You may recall our #getskyonwindows campaign, targeting BSkyB to get the company to release solid apps for consumers to enjoy. Sky is still yet to support Windows Phone as the broadcaster does with other platforms, but it appears as though the Italian branch (Sky Italia) is working on an app for its Sky Go service. 

Italy as a market for Microsoft is a strong one. As highlighted in a recent report, Windows Phone is performing well in the country. This (alongside demand from consumers - and some help from a certain manufacturer and tech giant) has triggered a development in the story - Italians will be able to enjoy Sky Go on their Windows Phones by as early as next month, according to a report over on Italian website Plaffo.

We've been able to confirm ourselves that this is indeed the case and a Sky Go app for Windows Phone is well on the way for Italian consumers. Remember, folks: keeping the pressure on these companies can eventually lead to them recognising demand, especially if the likes of Nokia and Microsoft get involved.

via: Plaffo

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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