Skydio's R1 Self-Flying 4K Camera Smart Drone has finally arrived at Amazon

We're big fans of drones which new pilots can learn to fly easily, but Skydio's R1 smart drone takes the game to a whole new level. This recently-released "self-driving camera" has been available since February at Skydio's website and select Apple retail stores, but today marks the first time it's landed at Amazon for purchase.

Using an Apple Watch, iPhone or Android device, you can choose a person or vehicle for the camera to begin tracking. Once enabled, the drone will follow the subject around with its on-board camera, taking 4K shots all on its own. You won't need to be a pro pilot, and you won't need a separate controller either. The R1 dodges obstacles on its own and even anticipates where the subject will move next so it can capture the best shot.

If you're ready to add this awesome piece of gear to your photography toolkit, you can now purchase it via Amazon for its regular price of $1,999. You can learn more about its capabilities in iMore's recent write-up regarding its new Apple Watch support.

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Alex Smith

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