The Windows Phone Mango update should give us greater SkyDrive support within the Office Hub. But what about a stand alone SkyDrive app?

SkyDrive has an estimated 100 million users and an application that will give you access to all your stored information would be very popular. It appears Microsoft agree or at least Brian Hall, Microsoft's General Manager of IE and Windows Live. At a recent technology conference Hall stated that,

"We need to turn SkyDrive into a destination application."

In his presentation Hall used as an example a SkyDrive app for the phone that would allow users to see all the information stored in their 25GB of cloud storage. There is also some speculation that you will eventually be able to store music on SkyDrive and stream it to your Windows Phone.

Windows Phone's future has a lot of potential and being able to access your SkyDrive account directly from the phone only enhances that potential.

Source: ZDNet