Is a SkyDrive App in Windows Phone's future?

The Windows Phone Mango update should give us greater SkyDrive support within the Office Hub. But what about a stand alone SkyDrive app?

SkyDrive has an estimated 100 million users and an application that will give you access to all your stored information would be very popular. It appears Microsoft agree or at least Brian Hall, Microsoft's General Manager of IE and Windows Live. At a recent technology conference Hall stated that,

"We need to turn SkyDrive into a destination application."

In his presentation Hall used as an example a SkyDrive app for the phone that would allow users to see all the information stored in their 25GB of cloud storage. There is also some speculation that you will eventually be able to store music on SkyDrive and stream it to your Windows Phone.

Windows Phone's future has a lot of potential and being able to access your SkyDrive account directly from the phone only enhances that potential.

Source: ZDNet

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  • Just make a SkyDrive hub.
  • I agree a SkyDrive Hub, or a page in the Office Hub would work for me. An ap is better then nothing though. If your work does not yet have SharePoint WP7 needs SkyDrive or Mesh.
  • skydrive hub dilutes the idea of hubs. a hub isnt a folder, its an application with purpose on steroids. skydrive will have an area in office hub and probably one day in the music hub.
  • There could be an app for Windows Phone, but from what I was reading on ZDNet they were refering to a Windows Desktop type app, not in reference to the phone OS.As for music, I asked Joe B about this a few days ago, and he happened to give me a pretty clear response."@joebelfiore: @BucksterMcgee skydrive kinda works for simple music playback if u set the permissions right, but it's not designed as a general sol'n."
  • SkyDrive (as it is right now) blows! It needs to be much more like Dropbox, where there is a folder on your computer (and phone) that you can put files into and it updates across all your devices that are linked to your account.Microsoft, SkyDrive sucks and Dropbox is amazing! Why would you even release a product that is sub-par to Dropbox?!I am a huge fan of Microsoft and Windows, but they seriously dropped the ball when it comes to SkyDrive. What a joke!
  • I agree, pretty useless. I was trying to ditch Dropbox for Skydrive, but just couldn't do it. They need to improve this feature.
  • Don't agreeI have a group on facebook where I share new music with. I upload files (legally) through skydrive and people have no problems downloading. I also pinned to my windows 7 taskbar so that it's a quick click there. Akin to having a dropbox icon in the taskbar. You just have to be intuitive.Microsoft gave you the tools, use 'em.
  • MS gave a half baked product. Why be intuitive,when something better is out there.
  • Live Mesh provides that functionality across your PC's and the web and comes with 5GB in addition to the 25GB of Skydrive. Just needs to be accessible from the phone and Skydrive in general should just be integrated into the OS itself so you can open and save files there from anywhere in the OS rather than having a dedicated application.
  • I agree. While I appreciate the 25G free, Dropbox is just simpler to use. I have the DB client on my three machines and can drop files into folders/subfolders with ease. On the phone I can access and navigate everything easily with a 0.99 app. That includes: Office, text and PDF files, plus streaming video and audio. Forwarding links to files to share with others is also a snap. Try navigating SkyDrive from your phone, or even your PC for that matter. Also, most developers prefer using Dropbox to create backup/sync files and folders, so I assume that's because its easier to do. Hopefully, Microsoft follows the Dropbox model and can create something even better, but I won't hold my breath.
  • And for Zune: They need to do the same thing Google Music is doing. Stay ahead of the curve, Microsoft! Stop being the follower, and lead!
  • I disagree. MS is ahead of google when it comes to doing music right.
  • leave it the way it is....CLOUD IS THE WAY TO GO........