Skype 3.0 beta sends texts, files

For you folks who can't get enough of Skype, the 3.0 beta has been released with a couple of extra goodies.

On top of all the usual Skype features and an improved user interface, this latest version also supports file transfers and will send SMS messages, though they will dip into your Skype credits (opens in new tab).

Check out a video of the 3.0 beta, then download it (opens in new tab) and give it a whirl.

Via Pocket PC Thoughts

Phil Nickinson

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  • Man i want video even if it was like 1 frame a second
    like a high res pic once or twice a second although 3G and EVDO can handle 15FPS oh btw i heard Skype now offers u to use anyphone with support for SIP, anyone tried WM's sip client, i know it sucks but maybe saves some memory and battery life!?
  • Moe, I was wondering the same thing...has anyone tried a SIP client from WM?? Also how do you enable SIP on your skype account? Anyone know
    only for business
  • Still no audio routing; sound will still come out of the speaker not the earphone. According to the Skype forms Microsoft doesn't allow Skype to route audio to the earphone (possibly legally, possibly technically). If so Microsoft needs to fix this ASAP as Skype is a key network.