Skype 8.77 is here, packed with updates and new inclusions for all platforms

Skype on iOS
Skype on iOS (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Skype version 8.77 has arrived.
  • It packs new features and fixes for users on Windows, Linux, Mac, and the web.
  • Skype for Android, iPhone, and iPad also has a laundry list of updates.

Skype is alive and well, no matter what anyone says. And to prove that, the communications platform just got its 8.77 version update. It's packing a little something for everybody, no matter what device you use the service on.

In a brief blog post, Microsoft bulleted what's new for Skype on Windows, Linux, Mac, Web, Android, iPhone, and iPad. To start, here's what you can expect from the time-tested service's latest version on Windows, Linux, Mac, and the web:

  • Blur the lines: Don't bother to tidy up before your Skype on the Web video call; just turn on background blur (because you can do that now). Learn more about customizing your background in Skype.
  • Fresh new threads: We've made some changes to modernize Skype's look, but don't worry, everything is still where you left it.
  • Foxy: We've added support for audio calls in Mozilla Firefox, so you can use Skype on the web on virtually any browser. Learn more about Skype browser compatibility.
  • Put a pin in that: Keep losing track of someone in a large call? We've now made it so you can pin participants to the active call stage, so you always know right where they are. Learn more about what you can do in a Skype call.
  • Meet, meet, meet: We've made some improvements to the Meet Now flow. Learn more about Meet Now in Skype.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements. We've used loud noises to scare off some bugs, then battened down the hatches a bit to make everything just a little more solid.

As for Skype for Android, iPhone, and iPad, here's what's on the docket:

There are a few more bits and baubles in the official blog post, so it's worth checking out if you want the complete list of fixes to come with Skype 8.77. With that said, the items listed above are the big-ticket ones.

If you haven't followed Skype news for a bit, don't worry—we have. Check out our coverage for a refresher on the eternal Microsoft service that's perfectly cool with having Microsoft Teams as a brother.

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