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Skype 8.77 is here, packed with updates and new inclusions for all platforms

Skype on iOS
Skype on iOS (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Skype version 8.77 has arrived.
  • It packs new features and fixes for users on Windows, Linux, Mac, and the web.
  • Skype for Android, iPhone, and iPad also has a laundry list of updates.

Skype is alive and well, no matter what anyone says. And to prove that, the communications platform just got its 8.77 version update. It's packing a little something for everybody, no matter what device you use the service on.

In a brief blog post (opens in new tab), Microsoft bulleted what's new for Skype on Windows, Linux, Mac, Web, Android, iPhone, and iPad. To start, here's what you can expect from the time-tested service's latest version on Windows, Linux, Mac, and the web:

As for Skype for Android, iPhone, and iPad, here's what's on the docket:

There are a few more bits and baubles in the official blog post, so it's worth checking out if you want the complete list of fixes to come with Skype 8.77. With that said, the items listed above are the big-ticket ones.

If you haven't followed Skype news for a bit, don't worry—we have. Check out our coverage for a refresher on the eternal Microsoft service that's perfectly cool with having Microsoft Teams as a brother.

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  • I'm still waiting to see that 3,000% performance increase on Android. Still get the wierd app flickers, slow loading and performance issues in this version.. We wait.
  • Have you tried reinstalling Skype? Not experiencing any of that on.
  • We both know that there is no such fixes for android as a system which probably is the cause to your personal experience of it, I've noticed bugs that persist in the OS even after 3 iterations of "progress" , android 11 has the same bugs that android 8 has had and my new Samsung hasn't done much favours on that either, this platform is in all, a complete mess that's been kicked under the carpet to "look good", the rest just falls apart over time, one would expect an actual fix to the existing problems like Windows for example that would actually admit or address if not both for the issues that exist in their platform, I've yet to see google actually do that.
  • No one can care about this until you let them know what Android phone you're running. Android has a huge spectrum... from the best Galaxy S21 and Pixel 6 down to $50 burner devices. If you're going to talk about performance issues, then you need to give people a usable baseline with which they can juxtapose your experience. Without it, your feedback is 105% worthless. On my Note9, Skype for Android works fine. That's a phone from... 2018? SD 845, IIRC?
  • Skype runs just fine on my Note
  • How did I get ahead of this release? On my laptop, I'm on Skype version; Application version On my Surface Duo, I'm on Skype version And, I'm not on beta So, how did I get ahead of 8.77? And/or what's the big deal? This is a prior release?