Product placements in TV shows and movies can sometimes be a painful experience, mostly due to its forced nature. However, the benefit of comedy is you can put it all out there, and the audience can be in on the joke. Last night on the popular late night Jimmy Kimmel Live, that is exactly what happened.

Skype and Windows Phone were the products being sold, and it was all accomplished through a 90-second skit featuring Kimmel sidekick Guillermo and his friend Yehya.

The Kimmel bit involves Guillermo sending Yehya out to do errands while they use Skype to communicate. The phones used are the Verizon Lumia Icon and the bright yellow Lumia 1520, and we will just say the massage segment is likely the funniest.

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Like we said, product placement can be a tough thing sometimes, but at least in this case, we are confident this was money well spent. Speaking of Skype, the Windows Phone app received a significant update yesterday, so it seems the timing was apropos.

Source: YouTube

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