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Skype and Windows Phone make a hilarious appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Product placements in TV shows and movies can sometimes be a painful experience, mostly due to its forced nature. However, the benefit of comedy is you can put it all out there, and the audience can be in on the joke. Last night on the popular late night Jimmy Kimmel Live, that is exactly what happened.

Skype and Windows Phone were the products being sold, and it was all accomplished through a 90-second skit featuring Kimmel sidekick Guillermo and his friend Yehya.

The Kimmel bit involves Guillermo sending Yehya out to do errands while they use Skype to communicate. The phones used are the Verizon Lumia Icon and the bright yellow Lumia 1520, and we will just say the massage segment is likely the funniest.

Like we said, product placement can be a tough thing sometimes, but at least in this case, we are confident this was money well spent. Speaking of Skype, the Windows Phone app received a significant update yesterday, so it seems the timing was apropos.

Source: YouTube

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Hooray! I love when people actually use things with their intended purpose in mind
  • Recently seen in TMNT!!
  • Spread love for lumia
  • Here is some from my side..!!
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  • I think you liked one of my instagram pics lol
  • I don't think so @Liviu Avram that I even know you.
  • It was hash tagged with "lumia630". Check through your liked pics
  • Sorry man I don't even know your username.
  • Nice!
  • Great idea to get consumer into stores to buy a windowsphone only to be side sold on an android by salesmen....
  • True words!
  • 90% of the people watching probably thought those were new iPhones. The other 10% thought they were new Galaxies.
  • ^^hilarious
  • Yep, so many people think my phone is a note. They're always saying "wow, that's a cool cover" to which I tell them, nope that's the phone.
  • And the other 7.5% were so confused by the numbers, they forgot the topic. 
  • Yup. Anyone that saw this would be ridiculed by the sales person if they went into Best Buy today to try to buy one (Best Buy of course doesn't even sell them).
  • Where's the humour? :(
  • Well, that's the problem with humor, it's subjective ;) I don't particularly find Letterman great, but obviously I'm in the minority.
  • who does find letterman great? he passed his expiry date and thanks to his guests he is still ongoing..
  • So since you came up with the title, are we to understand that you found this funny?  
  • Same here. Used to love Letterman but I feel he got very bitter the older he got.
  • I hope you're not in the minority. Letterman is probably the least funny and/or enjoyable talk show host out there.
  • Yes. Letterman has become a bitter old man. I think the last time I actually laughed at any of his jokes was about 1989.
  • I got a chuckle out of the sports store bit.
  • I didn't laugh once.
  • I was also thinking the same
  • I lv this show ... especially latino dude 
  • The salespeople at the stores don't understand windows phone at all. They just sell what's popular or assume you want to buy an iPhone.
  • When is Daniel going to apologize to WMPU?
  • Why would he? WMPU is trash.
  • lol
  • Here you go
    apologies LMAO
  • Oh please stop it. Before that article I didn't hear anyone saying Daniel better apologise wmpu. Now all of a sudden people are asking for an apology. You should realize they do write their fanboy articles with ridiculous claims sometimes. I hate when people start calling for something and act like that's been their position for a long time even though it hasn't. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Yep, no one needs to apologize.   This is war.  WPC's job is to defeat the competition.  WMPU needs to grow some thicker skin and answer Rubino's trashing by answering back by eliminating the things that give him ammunition.   In the end, both sites would be better, and we (the consumer of these sites) wins. Having said all that, I'd wish Rubino would stick to reporting and leave his opinions to himself.  No one really comes here for his opinions on other sites.  Like this tangent discussion that has started, it's just "off topic"
  • I'll admit, I'm no fan of Daniel's. He can be arrogant and codenscending even to his own readers  and he has enough defenders that he probably doesn't care how he come across to a few people but his attitude certainly isn't a reason to write an article insulting him in turn. It's petty all around. I really like this site. I visit multiple times a day. I've never been to WMPU but because of Daniel bashing them and this stupid back and forth, I've now checked out their website and while I perfer the presentation here, I don't see a problem with them. I'll probably add them to my daily rotation. This is nothing but a school yard fight. Pretty juvenile and the people that keep bringin it up are just like the children standing around a fight and egging it on when it would have ended after the first shove. Let it go. 
  • Sad to see Daniel trashing other sites...apparently its not just WMPU...Nokia Power Users have been a target too...theres a link to one of their articles too in the comments showing their own concern for this kind of behaviour.
    I have respect for your opinions man...dont resort to such tactics...most of them seem to be from a less professional background and they do agree so've even used their articles as source links...
    Yes WMPU maybe messes things up once in a while...but NPU too?
    Please show respect where deserved..they are good people too with feelings and its clear that you have hurt them.
  • @Jason94 Why?  He stated an opinion about his thoughts on that site's reporting.  Read or don't read - your choice, and really not relevant to this conversation.
  • WMPU is the fox news of Windows Phone blogs. They should be apologizing to everyone.
  • Which story are you talking about?
  • damn!! you are hilarious Jason bro
  • WMPU is a good website. Same as WC. Sometimes they get news before WC. Daniel, why would you be like that? You're a celebrity around here, stay classy.
  • Just send a WC and WMPU Lumia in for a couples massage and call it a day....put them on mute though.
  • He shouldn't have to. His comments and personal tweets are his. They took that too far posting an entire article on their home page about it. They even insulted his personality on I while trying to make him come off as a bully. So the way I see it, that's more unprofessional than any of his comments or tweets, especially since they actually put it ON AN ARTICLE of their site.
  • I just read the WMPU article in which they say they have already forgiven him, so an apology at this point is redundant. Personally, I want to see a cage fight between those two dudes. Then afterwards they can check their heart rate stats from their Fitbits... lolza
  • I think this is really unfortunate..i follow both the sites.. They are doing their best for the wp community....I guess this not about apology..its about the respect one deserve..
  • this is how professional WMPU is.. (the site got banned from r/Windowsphone due to the writer spamming every article there, so the idiot made his own subreddit and posts every post there.. nobody even cares.
  • Like you said, "Nobody even cares"
    So what's the point of attacking WMPU? Daniel just need to keep his good work at WC and ignore other sites if he thinks those are trash.
    Why need to apologize? Be responsible for what you said and done. WMPU may be unprofessional but we should be grateful for those who contributed to this community. Sometime they even cover very small news which is not covered on WC. Article writing quality is another thing. We are not paying any subscription fees to read news on these sites. If it doesn't suit you and you don't like, just ignore and never come back to the site again. I like to read from WC and WMPU. It's my habit to check out news from this two sites everyday. I like WC has more coverage and deeper review on new devices and WMPU covers small news, fake and real rumors.
  • he would have hated Skype for WP.
  • A narrative of materialism
    In a world of idealism.
    Umpteen varieties of light
    And yet entranced by the kind coming out the boring prism.
  • Boring is subjective
  • Massaging Lumia. lol... 
  • Guillermo:Did you just tap my ass?
    Masseuse: So sorry, I was was just trying to scroll past it.
  • Guillermo: Hey. Can you swipe hard?
  • Shameless plug that can't be called "hilarious" by any sentient being. Still, always good to see Lumia in the wild. But damn watching that hurt. Bad.
  • I thought is was amusing non the less
  • I have been seeing the Surface Pro pop up a lot lately :D
  • Windows phone is for 3rd world users. Thats what i understood
  • Mexico is not a third world country
  • LOL
  • LOL  
  • I waited, and waited, and waited..but even in a sports store there was no football in the groin. What the hell, America!?
  • I dont find Guillermo funny but whatever Btw  seeing the comments on youtube ...ITS LUMIA DAMN IT , NOT LUMINA
  • +720
    We need a solution
  • It funny how we post comments on here trying to help WP for what to go buy an I phone 6 cause as soon as you get in the store boom no WP just iPhone and its like that with all Microsoft products to old or sales men don't know shit about it we need to make noise so the head cheese over in Microsoft backs us up not us backing them we need our money worth show us your just as loyal.
  • For daniel ,
    Denim update for -lumia-930-1520-520-625-expected December reveals french carrier sfr...
  • Ha! Love Jimmy Kimmel.  Funny Spot!
  • So wat!!!
  • Found it funny even over here in the UK.
  • Weeel not really funny. I would call it unfunny. We need more witty unusual fun commercials that show the things that WP gets right.
  • I picked up a 830 for a Christmas present at a Rogers store, they don't even have them on display in the store! Sales girl didn't even know what I was taking about, told her to go look in the back, and yes they had them. Funny when she was setting it up said Wow that is a nice phone.
  • Haha
  • Many sales people should be replaced by mobile device vending machines.
  • Speaking of Product placement, Microsoft has been doing some really good subtle placement on some shows, and really overt placement on others. For example, My wife's favorite Mindy Project, is very WP centric, to the point where they show the WP text message dialogs on screen and play the default WP sounds. Conversly, Agents of Shield is using a LOT of Surface pro 3s, but often have the Surface logo blocked off, and they show WP too. However, they show Apple logos all the time, but the only device i have seen smashed up on that show is an iPad. Makes me wonder what exactly they are playing at.
  • WP is EVERYWHERE on TV and in movies. Too bad they don't have them in the stores where people buy phones. Kind of a flaw in the sales strategy.
  • "where can I get that phone I saw on Jimmy K?" "sorry it was retired by verizon" hmmm
  • You can still get the Icon at the Microsoft Store in person or online for $99 on contract. We should be seeing new high-end Lumias running Window 10 in the summer. That is a long time to go without a high end Lumia, but I would hate to have a new high-end model anounced just a few months after buying one.
  • I wanted to say that too, but I read through all the comments until someone (you) mentioned it. I'm surprised no one picked up on the fact that Verizon "retired" the Icon phone they are promoting.
  • Skype was used on The Talking Dead, the live talk show that airs after The Walking Dead, for this past weekend's half season finale. I believe this was the first time it was used on the show. Hopefully it continued to be used next year. The video bits were funny, maybe staged but still funny.
  • sorry but that was lame..
  • more lumia love! :)
  • Saw a dude checking out panties at Victoria secret with his girlfriend/wife on Skype. At least that what I believe he was doing
  • That skit was beat.
  • Meh.......
  • This is a way  better promotion than giving some actress a Lumia as a replacement for an iPhone that she'll likely never use.
  • Nice