Skype for desktop is getting a screen recording feature built for content creators

Skype is embracing the content creator community with a new feature that's currently in preview. Called "Skype for Content Creators," the feature brings a built-in way for creators to place and record Skype calls from within external live streaming and production software. The goal, the Skype team says, is to make it easier for streamers, vloggers, and podcasters to record and stream their content without dropping a ton of money on studio equipment.

Skype desktop users on Windows 10 and Mac will be able to get started with the feature by selecting "Content Creators" mode. Once on, calls can be placed and recorded within NDI-enabled software, including Wirecast, Xsplit, and Vmix.

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According to Microsoft, Content Creators mode will provide clean feeds for each group participant. Once recorded, video can then be imported into editing apps for further customization before going out to viewers. For podcasters and streamers who already use Skype as part of their production process, this certainly looks like an interesting way to simplify recording.

Skype for Content Creators is currently in preview, but Microsoft says it will be generally available this summer as part of the Skype for desktop app on Windows 10 and Mac.