Skype for Fast Ring gets reordered settings, fewer connection attempts

A few days ago, Microsoft pushed a rather significant update to the Skype Preview app for Fast Ring Insiders. That release saw the addition of web and microphone setup, preview a webpage before you click it, quotes, and unread message marker.

Now, version 1.9.249 is available up from the previous 11.9.239 and with it come a few minor revisions.

The biggest change is found under Settings where the web and microphone setup are now at the top of the settings with video preview off by default. To solve for the camera not being on there is now a Test Video toggle that lets you turn it on or off. Also, at least on one of our devices Setup is also now removed from the ellipsis menu.

Old Skype setttings (L) versus new layout with video and mic options (R)

Old Skype setttings (L) versus new layout with video and mic options (R)

Another change we're noticing less frequent 'connecting' screens that cause the app to drop down. On at least one phone, the previous .239 release would see the app reconnect more frequently when compared to the updated version, which seems to hold onto the connection longer. Of course, that could be just our experience so your mileage may vary.

One thing is clear, Microsoft is improving the connectivity of the app to make that dropping down less frequent, especially compared to the Production version (11.8.197). Another, smaller recent change that came last week to the 11.9 series is the back button now takes you back to the app from Settings instead of exiting the app.

If you notice any other fixes or improvements shout out in comments. We should also mention that 11.9.239 is now also on Release Preview, although those users will not get today's 11.9.249 update for Fast Ring.

Download Skype Preview from the Windows Store

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