Skype Interviews picks up group calling support, new programming languages

Microsoft recently launched Skype Interviews as a way for employers and job candidates to connect for remote coding interviews. With a built-in code editor next to the video feed, Skype Interviews already tackled one major hurdle posed by such interviews, but Microsoft is now rounding out the experience with a few more additions.

Perhaps the biggest new feature is support for group video calls. Says Microsoft:

We've also heard from our community that multi-person interviews are very important for the interview process. Therefore, starting today, we've lifted the limitation of two participants in an interview. Whether you want to have peer-reviewed interviews or have all aspects of the interview in one consolidated place, it's as simple as sending interviewers the same link

Additionally, participants can now take a snapshot of any code that has been written. Clicking a new "Download" button will now save the code to your PC. A chat interface, complete with support for uploading files and media, is also now built in, appearing to the right of the code editor.

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Lastly, five new programming languages are supported during interviews: PHP, F#, Go, Rust and TypeScript.

Skype Interviews is certainly an interesting, if niche, service. If you're interested in experimenting with Skype Interviews, you can check the service out at Microsoft.

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