Coinciding with a slew of AI-related announcements from Microsoft, the Skype team has announced some new bots are being added to the service from more high-profiles partners. In particular, new bots are coming or are already here from companies like UPS and StubHub, among others.

Skype introduces new bots from Expedia, UPS and more

One of the more notable additions is a bot from Expedia. While not available to try just yet, the Expedia bot for Skype will let you quickly find and book hotel room, manage reservations, or confirm and cancel flights and hotels. Of course, the Expedia bot should be able to field any travel questions you have as well.

One bot that is available now is from UPS. The package carrier's bot will let you track packages and calculate shipping rates, as well as ask personalized questions. StubHub, too, is now a partner, allowing you to easily purchase tickets for concerts and more with its bot.

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Lastly, the Skype team says a new bot is on its way (though not yet available) from that will help teach users a new language.

Microsoft is betting big on the future of AI overall, and its clear that its bot initiatives are a large part of that. For much more on these Skype bots, be sure to check out the team's full blog post. We'll bring you more news once the Expedia and Learningonline bots actually launch.