Skype update brings new emoji reactions and more to Release Preview Insiders

Microsoft has started rolling out an update to the Skype app for Windows 10 to Insiders on the Release Preview ring. Spotted by the folks at Aggiornamenti Lumia, the update ticks the app up to version number 12.4.676.0 and brings a few new features that stand out.

Most notably, this update adds some new emoji reactions for messages. Curiously, the update also appears to remove some features. There's no official change log, but here's what's been spotted so far (translated from Italian):

  • Many more reactions are now available: You will find, for example, the new icicle icon, outside seating, middle finger, and many others (even more happy than the ones listed above)
  • It's now possible to cancel Skype conversations (before it was only possible to clear normal messages and hide Skype messages)
  • New welcome screen
  • You can now find out if and when your posts have been displayed
  • You can no longer hide conversations
  • You can no longer add groups to your favorites Corrections and general improvements

If you're on the Release Preview Insider ring, the update should roll out to you soon. Presumably, it won't be too far off from production as well.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • You can no longer hide conversations.
    You can no longer add groups to your favorites. Is that a translation error or Skype team trolling? This is more like a downgrade. How is removing useful features make it better?
  • Since the update, I am unable to send an sms message via skype over relay (Win10) without skype credit. I hope that is a bug and not the new way of doing things. It was the only real feature keeping me from going from W10M to Android.
  • may need to do a app rest 
  • Check your SMS (texting) settings. I noticed mine resat its connection with my Lumia device, but it was easy to set up again. Fair warning: However once I did, and messages started to sync (faster than normal) Skype started to crash and everytime I opened it, it crashed again. (Feedback Hub link to upvote issue, if you experience the same:
  • "What!? Emoji reactions!! I was just thinking about how badly I wanted to start sending messages, but couldn't justify doing so until now. With Emoji reactions, I can now message with others and have the confidence I need to msg with other people!" he said sarcastically.
  • Now only if they can get it to run smoothly that would be great
  • I am sure someone out there thinks Emojies are important.  
  • Yep
  • I missed the "see when recipient has seen your message" - finally here :D!
  • This update is the worst so far, in terms of performances. Messages takes 4-5 seconds to switch from sending to sent and in the meanwhile the app freezes: you can still write but the second message does not appear on the "type a message bar". The app freezes also when someone at the other side of the conversation sends a message. When installed it loads all the old SMS again no matter the sync setting you choose, faster, but with unread status, then it crash. It takes 5-6-7-8 loads to make it somewhat stable. This happens on Lumia 950, on Surface pro 3 and on an assembled pc, thus I i wouldn't consider it a problem with a single hardware or setting. And resetting the app doesn't help. So far the supercharged performances seems a little undercharged. But hey, now you can react with mooning!