Skype updated on Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1 with 'set default' option

The Skype app for Windows Phone, both 8.1 and on Windows 10 Mobile, is next on the list of Microsoft app updates this evening. While there's nothing new to report in the Windows Phone 8.1 version, there are some interesting changes to the Windows 10 Mobile version.

The changes of note mostly revolve around some new options. For users that are testing out the new Messaging Skype and Video preview, there's now an option to make the Skype app your default — which can come in handy if you want to default to the full experience in one app. Next up are two other new settings options that allow you to sync contacts with the People app and toggle Skype call notifications, respectively.

Skype - New Options

The new version number clocks in at, and you can go ahead and snag it from the download link below.

Thanks to Micah and Mayank for the tips!

Download Skype for Windows Phone

QR: Skype

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  • Easy... Just chill..
  • Lol.
  • IDK.. Seems like these builds are becoming less stable... Must be a phase of the development process.... Three builds ago my 1520 was doing good... Now, well.... I love the functionality, and the apparent new attention to detail,,, but the usability is going downtown... Tha bad part of DT..
    Nevertheless, I'm sure they'll iron out the kinks in time...
  • Chill n listen to mackelmore's downtown
  • Comon where is the unity in publishing times for Windows store? All day any time? 3rd or 4th different MS app update today.
  • Different teams release when they're ready. Why does it matter? Your phone will update then overnight, doesn't matter when they release them.
  • It matters because some apps don't work properly if they aren't uptodate. I find it pretty annoying to have to go to the store and check for updates more than twice a day to ensure my experience isn't being hampered by random update times.
  • Then just stay with 8.1 until Win10 and it's apps are ready to be used properly. I love seeing so many updates throughout the day. Makes me happy.
  • YOU ARE NOT READY TO BE USING W10M WINDOWS INSIDER PREVIEW Go back to Window Phone 8.1 until end of October
  • That's only for third party apps where they should update the API/New Code when for eg. GOOGLE/INSTAGRAM (First Party devs) changed/update them apps API/Code
  • Even when there's updates, people here are capable of complaining. Gezzzzz
  • ^ This!
    First folks were complaining that updates ate so slow, now they are complaining that they are too fast. I really do not get this. Also have I never seem an app that is not updated right away to not work properly. I do strongly believe that thread kind of issues are just fabricated by their mind.
  • Shut up dhonkey *Shrek voice*
  • you couldn't find anything to whine about could you? #WinWhiners
  • I see the UI is quite inconsistent already.. The switches on the app are not Windows 10 style..
  • I mean, it's an 8.1 app that has some Win 10 extensions it. That isn't very profound. Of course it'll look different.
  • People will complain for everything, even if there is nothing to complain
  • I'm not complaining, by the way. Just making observations.
  • people love to complain 
  • Yeah these teams are really out of touch with each other it seems.
  • So much for One Microsoft!
  • Talk about 1st world problems...
  • They need to put it through the crapify-unity blender still.
  • It'll be, most certainly, be updated once Windows 10 Mobile is made public.
  • Cool!
  • I have been using the messaging and video preview apps and I like how it's integrated in the OS. Very nice.
  • Are the new Skype messaging apps US-only? I can't seem to find them in the store!
  • You can't search them. Need the link.
  • Which link Zapella? Been tryin go get this Skype preview for a long time without success  
  • Updates, Updates, Updates.
  • I got the update. it seems nice they let us choose. I am using the Beta apps though. I wish they would add the new video chat icons face things. But anyway, eventually everything will come together and work better.
  • Skype adding features? What is this heresy ?
  • LOL! Best comment I've read so far!!
  • New options added in Skype on 8.1 in settings page messenger notifications, call notification,people app sync..which were earlier not present in Skype.
  • People app sync, this option seems new which isn't present before since Skype just works with Windows Phone People app without much setup needed. I hope the decoupling things in the People doesn't mean everything will be too optional just like Android, which is hard enough for average users to properly integrate their contacts. Windows Mobile has to be seamless experience everywhere and service has to feel native, not optional add-on. We need something less thing to worry about setting up things, not making things complex. If I sign in with Microsoft Account (which is mandatory on Windows Phone/Mobile), then all services and content should be sync automatically without a need of confirmation or manually setting up things, this should also applies to third-party apps integration like Facebook where if I signed in with Facebook, it should automatically sync everything up in related to Microsoft Account without a hassle, it should just works.
  • God no. I know I am not alone in preferring to have the option. In fact I wish WP/WM had an overall basic and advanced settings mode. Basic for those that want simplicity, advanced for those that like to tweak EVERYTHING! :)
  • You're not a alone...
  • Options means a personal experience...
  • I agree that it should be simple and integrated but then provide an opt-out option for the advanced user instead of other way round
  • Im confused. Why did they do this?
  • What I mean is... what is the difference between this and the beta apps?
  • Why don't they make this a universal app already? The "Skype for Desktop" abomination doesn't have a "Sync with People App" option...
  • They don't really know how to make Skype a universal app. Their "integrated W10M" apps are quite bad.
  • They used to be in windows phone 7.... Before things were de-coupled into separate apps, i guess, just maybe, someone at MS is bring things back to square one.....
  • I prefer to use skype beta it has a deeply integration inside Microsoft's OS and it's very fast.
  • Bravo! But it'd be nice to get the Pen to Launch the One Note Desktop Program as default as well. Please
  • Can anyone tell me why some apps on my Lumia 1520 with SD card, Windows phone 8.1 don't download? They always show me pending from a long time. Thanks
  • I'm on 8.1 and this latest update wants you to switch your Skype from SD storage to your phone's internal memory to work properly. So you might wanna swap it to your internal memory first before trying to run the update. I personally hate apps that want to be in my phone memory. I bought Windows cuz I wanted to be free from storage woes my dad faced on his Android.
  • Thank you for your answer. I changed the default directory to save apps to the phone memory and now it's working.
  • You don't have to change the default directory to allow one app to change install location. Open Storage Sense, open SD Card, then Apps. Find the app you want to move back to phone storage, hold it down and the option will appear. It only takes a short time for it to transfer, and you haven't hindered your default install location.
  • Yeah, that's what I said ._.
  • I still can't share pictures from the app. A "loading" screen appears and then it goes back to the chat view. It works well on my girlfriend's L-640 running on WP8.1, but that feature is just broken on my L-1520 running W10M (latest update). The new Messaging Skype app doesn't have that feature yet, so my girlfriend and I have to find workarounds for sending each other pictures for our jobs. It's kind of annoying, but I can still take it a little longer. I just hope MS fixes this soon... or am I the only one facing this issue?
  • Ya I have had an issue sharing pictures in just about every app but messaging and outlook mail since 512. I have an L1520 and it's annoying. I keep putting it in the feedback but nothing has changed
  • I can't do this either, ever since Windows 10. Does the same thing. Lumia 930.
  • Although Skype can only be installed into phone memory, in windows phone 8.1, it can be later moved to SD card after installation.
  • Are you sure?
    I mean, I've been hesitant about getting the update cuz of the internal memory thing.
    Ullath thanne aano?
  • Update and then move back to sd card, you can even do it with WhatsApp and most apps that need to be in internal memory to update. There are only a few apps likw Music and all that cannot Be moved to SD Card
  • WhatsApp can be moved to SD card?
    You must be joking o_o I'll wait for one other person to confirm this and I'll try it out.
    Last time I tried to move WhatsApp to the SD card was in 2014 and I had to reinstall WhatsApp after a failed attempt .___.
  • i have tried to move all apps but I was able to move only skype.
  • I didn't know. Thanks for the tip mate.
  • yes. ulllathanu.
  • Adi sakke! :D
  • Although Skype can only be installed on phonememory in windows phone 8.1,I was able to move it to SD card after installation
  • How do u get the Skype push notifications in windows 10 mobile?better than 8.1?
  • I pressed set default and nothing happened
  • The new Skype beta app is lame. They added in txt msging, but stripped out the video to a separate app. So you still have to use two apps. Great thinking MS.
  • At least skype is doing something for windows 10 mobile. While windows central app is slow as hell in latest windows 10 mobile 10536.1004 build and site owners are just sitting mum.
    We have paid for the app, they should iron out these issues on priority.
  • ...also the app cannot be saved in the SD card anymore. The update required my attention and it asked me to moved the app to the phone memory before updating.
  • Cool
  • Anyone know how to get microphone icon in windows10 phone keyboard? Does it need Cortana?
  • Good finally!
  • Hay guys I am using ms L535 with w10m latest build 10536and an error occurred while updating Skype............ What can I do.
    Any suggestions......
  • Uninstall Skype, Refresh 10536 or use the Lumia recovery tool to go to 8.1 and update to 10536 from there (last resort obviously)
  • The TP of Broken Communication: I've no SMS at the moment because it was removed from the build and the skype messaging beta-thingy is grayed out after reboot. I've no FB messenger because the bugger only installs to internal memory, and even when I've selected to install apps to phone memory, it still says I can't install it to SD card. I'm doing a short list with all the things broken, and I must say this is not looking good to MS. Tens of thousands of people _WILL BE_ pissed off at MS later this year when they start using the crippled buggy OS. I'm positive MS has no time to fix all this - and they're notorious of leaving things unfinished after the release of W10M. I'd love to see them succeed but wow, time's running out.
  • Yep, the situation looks pretty dire at the moment. Fingers crossed they will pull a "Windows 10" and manage to come up with a stable built to go from there. Problem is, it is missing soooo many features from 7/8.1, its just not funny anymore
  • What exactly is the Messenger message notifications? Is that just messages typed in Skype? Or is the MSN Messenger / Skype integration STILL not solved?
  • Skype needs a transparent tile. A lot (most?) of third party apps have a transparent tile. MS is messing up my home screen game by not having transparent tiles for MOST of their apps.
  • Really? Still no landscape?!? Skype for business DOES have landscape! :(
  • When Microsoft will make Skype faster as WhatsApp?
  • Why in the fuck cant i delete contacts from Skype?
  • And why do they reappear in mobile version after I delete them in the desktop Skype? Why a contact profile in the mobile is "trimmed down" compared to desktop? Why... Why... Why...
  • Lol as a messenger? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Skype is still bugged on both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1. The contact list still shows your Outlook contacts even if you choose to have only your Skype contacts showing. And no, the option to sync contacts with the People app is off. It isn't like this on the iOS and Android versions. This just shows how dedicated Microsoft is on their own platform.
  • my skype preview text is fantastic and workes all the time but skype video sometimes works but mostly doesnt.  I call and it looks like iys calling yet theres no ringing noises and no connection.  So definatly some issue with it there.  We really need a flip to front camera view too, once its working.  Im still glad we got a look at it cause that was the one feature i would want that would convince me to upgrade my phone.