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Skype users in India can now call mobiles and landlines in the US and Canada for free

Microsoft is rolling out an offer for Skype users in India by which they can call mobiles and landlines in the US and Canada for free until March 1, 2015. All that's required is a free Skype account and an Internet connection.

The promotion is already live, and works as advertised. All you have to do is login to your account and dial a number as you would normally do from your phone dialer. For all the terms and conditions behind the offer, head here (opens in new tab).

The latest Indian-centric deal from Microsoft comes on the heels of the Redmond-based organization setting up an official hardware store -- the first of its kind -- on Amazon India yesterday.

Source: Skype (opens in new tab)

  • Given a good offer but limited to 2 countries and time limited too..!!
  • People are never happy even when its given free to them. Apparently you don't like free things...
  • What happens when ye are in a bubble..Enjoying and happy and all..And suddenly it burst and you fall down hard..Angry and cursing..!!
  • "Enjoying a bubble and all...And suddenly it bursts and you fall down hard"
    Unlike your interpretation, that's pretty much what happens when you read the article title (that doesn't specify expiration) and then the first statement of the article.
    Nevertheless, the offer is still enjoyable and deserves appreciation if you've friends and relatives abroad the two countries :)
    Yes, I can see the aftermath, too. It's not like an alternate competitive service will make calling free after the mentioned expiration date either :P
  • By it I meant Facebook and Facetime and all..!!
  • And I meant... *Facepalm*
  • *And Your Hands Weren't Clean*
  • What!! Are you high?
  • Dude even this is awesome ;)
  • Agreed..But think about its aftermath..!!
  • You're right. Microsoft should make it free forever. What the hell, they should give away all their products. Mr. Gates, being the philanthropist that he is, can bankroll all future research & development. BTW, Office 365 subscriptions include 60 minutes per month of world Skype time to 60+ countries. That, plus 1 TB of OneDrive space and Office apps for each of 5 users for $10/month. Think of the 60-minute limit as a benefit. Makes it easier to tell mom that you have to end the call now... The Indian Office 365 does not include Skype minutes, but your NA peeps can make the call to India...
  • People have a hard time understanding..
  • What aftermath man!! you make no sense. Its a limited time offer that gives you something for free. Don't want to use it? don't.
  • And you have no sense..
  • At least it is free, what more do you want? You can't expect them to make it free forever, for every country. Wait, you were expecting that, oh my bad :P
  • I was expecting that FYKI..!!
  • MS's vision of the world is NA only, so yeah....
  • Agreed..!!
  • Is that why MS gives it India?
  • *"Is that why MS gives it TO India?" /NO
  • Think it the other way..!! :P :P
    Microsoft gave Indians just the chance to talk to NA folks..!! :P :P
  • Free India? I'll take it!
  • LOL..!!
  • Cause theirs actual money to be made, high margins on software sales and services is what MS wants. Not selling a Lumia phone and make next to nothing. Why do you think app devs build their app first on ios? Cause they actually sell on ios unlike WP/Android.
  • Microsoft still makes more from hardwares..After Satya changed the vision it's now going towards services..!! And in India it will be hardware that's gonna sell..Nice that they are promoting services..!!
  • there are loads of Indians who have friends in the USA as they left for higher education... i think they are targetting those people... also they should market this news like crazy... i have a number of friends who just stopped using Skype once Whatsapp arrived.. Skype is rare AFAIK here in India,.. this should help it come back..
  • Agreed... They should heavily promote this news...
  • "this should help it come back" - Until March anyway.
  • You don't get it people..?? It's again one of those Microsoft candies which is not gonna work here as usual..!! This is an offer which first of all not many are gonna use even if it's free..!! Secondly people will get to know about the free callings but are not gonna know that it is a limited thing..When this offers-up people are not gonna buy credits to continue enjoy the service..Instead people will find alternatives to Skype..And in turn they are gonna blame and curse Microsoft for doing it..!! Thus,,It's gonna ruin the repo made earlier by giving it free..!!
  • wats say if with windows 10 Skype becomes as large as watsapp is. even though Skype has a large user base.
  • There are more users of WhatsApp than Skype here in India..!! Even if it's given free with Windows 10 it will take 3-4 years to get popular cause currently there are more users of mobile phones here than computers..People won't change immediately to Windows 10 and WP 10 is a long story..Plus it's just announced that a web-based version of WhatsApp is under development which is going to increase competition for Skype..!!
  • Oh, freaking shut up already, YOU DON'T BITCH AT FREE STUFF --- P E R I O D ---
  • And ye don't tell me what to do..!! I just summarized the offer in 2 simple lines..!! Don't know why people want to jump on others if they think that the other one's wrong..!!
    Do you have anything to say about the article except cursing me..??
  • All I have to say is that this is a great offer for you, so enjoy it while it lasts. I didn't curse at you, I only told you to shut up cause you're talking down this news like it is a bad thing and taking away from the happiness of others. And again, never say no to free stuff.. Unless it's drugs, always say no to this crap.
  • Ohk my bad..But no one tells me to shut up(a lil ego probs :P just jokin)..!! Yes..It might be beneficial for other be it for 3 months only..!!
  • Find yourself a few American girls online, get their numbers, call them and use your Indian charm on them.
  • Well that's not a bad idea either..!! The best way to enjoy this offer..!! But my girl is not gonna allow that to happen..!! :/ :/
  • Dumb. He wants everything for free. Greedy people will never be satisfied no matter what.
  • Ye sayin that to me..??
  • lol this comment
  • Don't pay any attention to them. You will proven to be right soon enough
  • Well others on the forum can sometimes ask you to keep it low since you are bringing down the whole mood of the readers, You are essentially complaining about free stuff which I find unusual.
  • Forgive me
  • Your point being?! Just because some people cannot understand somethings companies should stop doing promotions is it?
  • Promotion..?? If they had to do that they should promote WP here..!! Aggressive advertisements is what increased the Apple's and Samsung's sales here..!! No one's interested here in services..All they want are assets..That is..Hardwares..!! What people see they buy..!! Except on commerce websites I can not find a single 730 here in stores..!! Wanted to try it out before gifting it to someone..!! And ye talk about the promotion of Skype who hardly anyone uses and and half of those who know about it won't use it and more less folks have friends or families there..!!
    Am sorry to everyone in this article that I summarized the whole article in 2 lines..Which some took in the other way and I followed the other..!!
  • waht is the time limit?
  • What the F
  • Don't worry for Microsoft US and Canada means around the world
  • LOL
  • You have one unread Messenger message
  • What about Skype to Skype in India?
  • It was always free,
  • It's free for calls made to countries like Australia,,UAE and Egypt..I do it every month..!!
  • free for calls to the UAE??? can you provide some more info on this as i have family in Oman and Australia
  • I have bros in Dubai and Melbourne and in Pataya,,Thailand too..!! And I make free calls..Don't know how but I don't get credited for it..!!
  • ah i need some more info on this.. anyone else in India with such an offer do let me know
  • I am a very old user so maybe that's why..!! Sent em a mail for further details..!!
  • I'm pretty sure you call them using the app, not their mobile phones
  • Nopes
  • Can someone from Canada/US give me there no. I so want to try this offer :D
  • Lol
  • Just give him some cop's no
  • This girl is single and ready to mingle , call her now number : 198
    Enjoy your life brother
  • LMFAO Customer Care
  • 18001801551
  • And ye were asking for a number in the comments below..!! :P :P
  • When it will avail in Bangladesh??!!
  • Pakistan?
  • Sri Lanka..??
  • Tunisia?
  • Algeria
  • Pluto?
  • Pluto doesn't have landline connections you idiota..!! You have to use mobile phones for that..!! :P
  • How you know? Have you been to Pluto? No! And I was talking about mobiles anyway..
  • Ohk so you are right too..!!
    Pluto Café just has Internet Orders and Take-Aways..!!
  • Awesome!! Love you Microsoft
  • It's awesome. Christmas gift
  • Microsoft reaching the potential market i.e India at the moment giving services like Skype for free to call US & Canada. Hats off with gr8 marketing strategy
  • Marketing strategy..?? A time limited service which no one's gonna purchase when it's finished but are likely to be angry and sad of it being over..!!
  • Wow, we Americans are deprived like we always are :P
  • LOL..But ye get the Windows Central contest to yourself though..!! And don't forget about Cortana,,Band,,Bing's Personalized Homepage,,Microsoft Stores and Surface,,Xbox and other initial releases in US and US only..!!
  • He was being sarcastic. But you're right, they get most of the stuff first.
  • Know that..Saw the tongue hanging out..!!
  • No, he was being sarcastic.
  • That.
  • Yes, he was being sarcastic.
  • Satya is working hardly on India
  • This....
  • Hardly = rarely or similar to it. The correct term would be "hard". I don't mean no disrespect by correcting you. Have a nice day.
  • LOL
  • What about Skype India to non-Skype India?
  • That's not available
  • What's "Skype India" and "Non-Skype India"..??
  • he meant Skype to landline and mobiles within India itself
  • LOL..!! NOT POSSIBLE..!!
  • Ya know this good and bad at the same time... But it is meant to be good but someone(s) going to find ways to mess it up. I have seen many good folk in India really keel but I have come across a few that try to scam also and gives the lovely country a bad name.
  • SMS someone for free using Skype on my Lumia mobile
  • What about Skype to indian mobile number? Is it free???
  • Wow,good news!
    What time can use in china?
  • Why India ? Why it is not available in other countries?
  • Nadella needs to call the grandparents..
  • 1. Other countries must complain and whine as much as Indians do.
    2. Other countries must get one of their own as the Microsoft CEO.
    Though, seriously, India has a big user base so it's only fair and natural to treat them well.
  • *Grandparents need to call Satya..!!
  • I need some US & Canada numbers.
  • Hmm.. Indian in charge at Microsoft, extended family back home, free calls to India.. Talk about using your influence... ;¬)
  • What exactly do you mean by "extended family back home"..??
  • His rellies back in the old country. I am only joking of course.
  • What is ur real problem always complaining... People like u should be banned : Angry: Where is the moderator ?
  • Probably laughing at your overreaction. Who's complaining? Chillax.
  • You also don't take me wrong here Chris..I didn't had any hard feelings for you bro..But hey!! If the shoe fits feel free to wear it..!! :P :P :P :P
  • Oops sorry I was replying to aman2901
  • My real problem is that people don't write full words in an international english website..!! I was just asking..Cause his comment was not clear..!! Chris was joking ofcourse..!! :P :P
    And when racists aren't banned then why should enquirers..??
  • cool down! what's the use of this anger ?
  • Breathe in..Hold it..Don't release it yet..A lil more..More..And ye pass ou.. . . . . .
  • Wow what a great offer!
  • Microsoft, you rock!!!
  • Is this supported in Bangladesh??
  • While every call fails... Wow nice offer... What is it good for... ??
  • +1520
  • Dude, that's generous.